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MealTrain is a wonderful tool. It is a great way to organize meals for someone who is ill.
- Tonya

Did You Know

85% of our users learned about mealTrain.com from a friend.

From the Founders

"mealTrain.com is all about the meal, but then again, it isn’t about the meal at all."

mealTrain.com simplifies the process of organizing meal giving around significant life events. Not only does a meal from a friend, neighbor, congregation member, or co-worker help nourish, it also helps reduce the burden of planning and preparing the meal for the individual and often, for the entire family. While these meals are directly beneficial to the recipient, the power of mealTrain.com is its ability to foster giving and create stronger community support networks.

The concept of a meal train is rooted in the idea that the meal is symbolic of the willingness to help a friend. The meal is the vehicle that allows the giving party the opportunity to show they care, they hope to reduce the burden, and they will be there for the receiving party in the future. This outreach is a true interpersonal connection and is one that helps foster inter-dependence, dialogue, and compassion.

Unlike communities created by social media tools, mealTrain.com creates and strengthens physical communities, enabling giving by reducing the information gap between those in need and those with the capacity to help. There is no greater way to fortify a community than by empowering its citizens to perform the acts of kindness that they are inherently inclined to, but fail to complete because of a lack of systems needed to succeed. mealTrain.com has had amazing success in fostering community as evidenced by an increased giving participation rate of 5 times that of meal giving not organized through mealTrain.com. In fact, every week, thousands of meals are organized through mealTrain.com.

I thank you for using mealTrain.com to support your friends and strengthen your community. Feel free to contact me personally at Michael@mealtrain.com to share your thoughts on meal trains.

Michael Laramee