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I joined this through our Moms group here locally and love that this is business! I love the service, ease of use, and updates. Thanks!!!
- Jenny

Did You Know

85% of our users learned about mealTrain.com from a friend.

Meet Us

Michael Laramee (Michael@mealtrain.com)

Michael, was inspired to create mealTrain.com in an attempt to solve the real world challenge of organizing meals for friends after significant life events. Having two children of his own, he knew how important these meals are and saw an opportunity to simplify the process. He derives much of the inspiration for the site from the great community and life style he has in Burlington, Vermont with his family. He has a modest goal of fundamentally changing the way society supports those we care about during significant life events. (OK, not so modest!)

Stephen DePasquale (Steve@mealtrain.com)

Steve is the technical expert behind mealTrain.com. Steve has a passion for developing intuitive, useful websites that apply technical solutions to real life challenges. Steve is tirelessly working behind the scenes to ensure that mealTrain.com is a reliable, trustworthy solution that remains simple to use. What began as a few sketches on a napkin at a local pizza joint, has turned into a true passion. He absolutely loves hearing moving meal train stories from all over the world.