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MealTrain is a wonderful tool. It is a great way to organize meals for someone who is ill.
- Tonya

Did You Know

The largest meal train ever was over 400 meals!



Meal train: the act of organizing meal giving around significant life events

Organizer: The person who sets up the meal train

Recipient: Those who will receive the meals

Participant/Giver: The person who will make and bring a meal

General Questions:

Why do I need to create an account?

That is an easy one, privacy. Meal trains often contain personal information and we want to ensure that everyone viewing the meal train has been invited.

In addition, having user accounts allows you to book or cancel a meal, receive a reminder email, subscribe to the journal, post to the guest book, and display all of the meal trains in which you have been invited to participate.

We take privacy very seriously and do not share or sell personal information.

Will you share or sell account information?

Nope, Never, No Way.

How much does it cost to create or participate in a meal train?

Nothing. meal Train Classic is free for individuals, groups, congregations, and organizations.

"Organizer & Recipient" Questions:

How do I set up a meal train?

Please watch the tutorial.

What communication will the meal recipient receive?

Once the meal train is created, the recipient will be invited to log in and view/edit the meal train. In addition, they will also be notified via email each time someone books or cancels a date.

Can I organize multiple meals per day or other activities like rides to appointments, grocery shopping, lawn mowing, etc.?

Absolutely. Learn more about meal Train Plus

I have already created a meal train classic but would like to upgrade to meal train plus. How do I do this?

Just log into the meal train and select the Settings tab and click on the button labeled Upgrade.

Who can view the meal train?

Each meal train has a unique web address which acts like a key for entry to your meal train. Only those who have this unique address are able to participate. Your meal train information is not public.

How do I invite others to the meal train?

You can invite participants via mealTrain.com by entering or pasting their email addresses or inviting from past meal trains. Click the "Invite Others" button on the Calendar tab to get started.

You can also let friends know on Facebook by clicking the "Share" button on the calendar tab.

If you prefer, you can also copy the unique invitation link and paste it into an email message from your personal email account (gmail, yahoo, etc.).

What is the best way to invite others via Facebook?

Use the Facebook Share button found on the Calendar Tab. The window that pops up will allow you to share the link a few different ways:

 • On your timeline: Good for broadcasting to your contacts
 • On your friend's timeline: Good for broadcasting to the recipient's contacts
 • In a private message: Invitations to specific people with the most likelihood of participation

Can I edit the meal train after it has started?

Absolutely. The Organizer or the Recipient can go to the Settings Tab and select Edit Dates or Edit Details.

Not seeing the Settings Tab: You must be the signed in Organizer or Recipient with the email address used to log in to mealTrain.com exactly matching the email address listed as the Organizer or Recipient on the Calendar tab. In addition, if you created your mealTrain.com account with Facebook Connect, the email address assigned to your Facebook account must match the email address listed as the Organizer or Recipient.

How can I know if people have received the invitation?

The meal train Participant List (on the Calendar tab) will display the email addresses of everyone invited to the meal train. Once they create an account, their email address will be converted to their name. If after a few days, you still see a lot of email addresses, we suggest you re-invite everyone using your personal email account (gMail, Yahoo, etc.) and include the unique web address.

Should I include those who do not live locally?

Yes! They can be involved by sending a restaurant gift card, having food delivered, wishing the recipient well on the guest book, or making a cash donation.

How do I include those who do not use email or the internet regularly?

You can book the date for them and enter in the Notes section whom the meal is actually going to come from and list their phone number. Then, when you receive the reminder email, give them a call to let them know it is their turn to participate.

I just realized I have a conflict and need to cancel a day that someone has already committed to?

From the Calendar tab, use the "Cancel" button next to their name and the giver will be notified via email. Then use the "Edit Dates" button to remove that date from the calendar.

How can I edit the invitation list?

From the Calendar tab, in the lower right hand corner, you will find the list of invited participants. You can remove an address by selecting the (Remove) button.

How can I delete a meal train?

From the Settings tab, click on the "Delete This Meal Train" button and follow the instructions.

I would like to set up a meal train for an expecting parent, but don't know when the baby will arrive. Ideas?

Schedule one date 3-4 weeks after the baby's due date. This nearly ensures that meals don't arrive before the baby. At this point, you can invite everyone to participate.

"Giver" Questions:

How do I book a date on my friend's meal train?

Once you receive the unique web address for your friends meal train, click it or copy and paste it in the browser bar. Then, proced to the Calendar tab where available dates will have a button next to it that shows Book This Date.

Will I get a reminder email?

Yes! mealTrain.com sends a reminder email one day before the scheduled delivery.

Can I change my booked meal date?

Sure. From the Calendar tab, select the "Cancel" button next to your meal. The meal recipient will receive notification of the change and you can book a different date.

What if I realize at the last minute that I cannot deliver a meal?

Please call the meal recipient to let them know you won’t be making the scheduled delivery.

How can I remove my name from a meal train?

On the My Meal Trains page, click the red X to the right of the meal train and follow the instructions.

Why does it say edit/cancel next to the date I just booked?

This is a way for you to come back and make changes to your meal description or date.

How can I participate if I do not live near the recipient?

You can sign up to receive updates from the journal, post a message to the guestbook, book a night and schedule local food delivery (just remember to pay for and tip in advance), send restaurant gift card, or send flowers.

I would like to participate but the dates and times don’t fit my schedule.

Send an email to the recipient and offer to drop off a bundle of essential groceries to save the recipient a trip to the store.

Do you have cooking suggestions?

Any act of generosity will be appreciated. Just try to make something that you would enjoy receiving. Also, meals that can be frozen or heated easily are always appreciated to be used in the future.

I have difficulty finding time to cook but really want to deliver a home cooked meal. Any ideas?

Double a favorite recipe and bring half to the meal recipient. Another option is the next time you make a big meal, freeze half in anticipation of a future meal train.

Donation Fund Questions:

What is the MealTrain.com Donation Fund feature?

The most commonly asked questions to us here at mealTrain.com is "How can I participate if I do not live near my friend?" With the mealTrain.com MealTrain.com Donation Fund, we make it simple to allow everyone to participate in a way that works for them. Whether it is cooking a meal, sending a restaurant gift card or contributing to everyday expenses, mealTrain.com makes it possible to Support Friends and Strengthen Communities.

How do I include a donation fund on a meal train?

Simply create a meal train. The MealTrain.com Donation Fund is available on all meal trains, free of charge. Enable it on the "Settings" tab.

How do I accept donations to my MealTrain.com Donation Fund?

After creating a meal train, return to the meal train and click the "Settings" tab. Use the "Enable Donations" button to setup the donation fund. Then just share your meal train unique web address (Example: www.mealtrain.com/?id=mdfgh4k7txyl) with friends, family, co-workers, congregation member, etc.. Visitors who wish to participate by making a donation complete the process on your meal train page using a debit or credit card and you instantly receive each payment.

When do I receive the donation?

The Meal Donation Fund recipient receives notification upon each donation and can instantly request the funds be deposited in their account. The meal recipient simply clicks the 'Withdraw' link within their mealTrain.com account to request a check or electronic bank transfer.

Will MealTrain.com charge the recipient any fees?

mealTrain.com will automatically deduct a 5% fee from each donation received. If no donations are received, then there are no fees charged. Donors are not charged any fees.

How are donations processed?

A WePay account is automatically created inside of MealTrain.com during the Donation Fund Set Up process. WePay charges a single fee of 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction for all major credit cards OR 1.0% and $0.30 for bank account payments.. All payments received immediately appear inside of your WePay account.

Will my donors get charged any fees?

Nope, donors do not get charged any fees for donating to your mealTrain.com fund.

How will I know when people donate?

We send you an email each time somebody donates to your fund. After receiving the email, you'll see the new donation appear in your MealTrain.com dashboard and added to your overall account balance.

How safe is it to donate?

All payments are securely processed using industry-standard Secure Socket Layer encryption, or SSL. Learn more about your Safety & Security when using MealTrain.com. A small security indicator, usually a lock icon or green bar, will appear in the web browser you’re using to verify the security of the transaction. At no time will MealTrain.com request or store sensitive data such as users’ banking information or passwords to payment accounts. Users will securely provide such information only within, and when prompted by their WePay account.

How do I withdraw donations?

We allow either the organizer or the recipient to set up the Meal Train Donate feature, but only the person who set up the Meal Train Donate feature can withdraw the money. To remove money from the Meal Train Donate Feature, simply click on the Donate Tab (if you do not see the Donate tab, make sure donations are enabled on the Settings Tab) and click on the Withdraw button on the left hand side. You will be taken to the WePay account where the funds are held. If you set up the Donations on behalf of your friend, just withdraw the money into your account and then route it to your friend via a check or a service like PayPal.

Still have questions?

Send an email to contact@mealtrain.com