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Baby Showers

Do you know a friend having a baby?

New parents are often not prepared for how their routines will be disrupted, and having time to prepare a meal all but disappears. Friends and family want to show their excitement after the birth by delivering a meal. mealTrain.com simplifies the process.

Jack and Jill are having a baby. Their friend, Emma, knows how much work it is to be new parents and decides to organize a meal train.

meal Train

Emma enters Jack and Jill's name, email address and location where meals are to be delivered.

Add Recipient Info Screen Shot

Emma selects the dates that Jack and Jill would like to receive meals.

Date Selection Screen Shot

She completes the set-up process by entering Jack and Jill's meal preferences, food allergies and the best time to deliver a meal.

Add Preferences Screen Shot

Finally, Emma invites Jack and Jill's friends, family, congregation members, and neighbors via facebook or e-mail.

Invite Others

Friends and family respond by going to mealTrain.com, booking a date, and taking a meal to Jack and Jill.

Invite Others

Jack and Jill enjoy their new baby and appreciate the outpouring of generosity. They can't wait until they can use mealTrain.com to help others and strengthen their community.

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Strengthening Community

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How much does it cost?

Nothing. Organizing a meal train is completely FREE.


Contact us using the Contact Us page or send us an e-mail to contact@mealTrain.com