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I joined this through our Moms group here locally and love that this is business! I love the service, ease of use, and updates. Thanks!!!
- Jenny

Did You Know

The largest meal train ever was over 400 meals!

Meal Train Benefits

Before mealTrain.com:

If you have ever organized meal giving, you know the potential headaches.

First you send an e-mail announcement and then try to make sense of the confusing email replies, reply-alls, double date booking, phone calls, cancellations, meal questions and voicemail messages.

With mealTrain.com:

You eliminate confusion by creating a shared calendar and answering questions in advance like; What do they like? When are they available? What have they already had?

mealTrain.com includes:

  • Real-time meal calendar
  • Ability to customize dates, times, and meal preferences
  • Invitations via e-mail and facebook
  • Reminder emails
  • Add booked dates to a personal calendar automatically

Ensure that everyone has the necessary information so they can focus on supporting friends with meals.

Oh yeah, did we say that it is Free!