Potluck for

YA Friendsgiving!!!

Tuesday, Nov 16, 2021 6:30pm


Clarivel-Ann Dinh

Calvary Oxnard MAIN BUILDING
Oxnard CA 93030

Please arrive between 6:30pm-6:45pm so we can start eating by 7pm. :)

dinner rolls

Rachel Johnston
we’ll bring dinner rolls and butter! - Johnstons  

Warm Side Dish

Hope Summers
Steamed Green Beans:)   
Skyler Atchison
Mashed Potatoes  
Madison McGarrahan
Sweet potatoes   
Trinity Wolf
Mac n cheese  
Morgan Stevenson

Main Course

Sahara Quintero
2 buckets of KFC chicken  
Kai Eigenhuis
Homemade Sushi  
(Smoked Salmon & Crab options)
David Gonzalez
Refried beans  
Max Williams
Halibut & Hamachi sashimi platter  
Robert Haddock
El Pollo Loco 24 Piece Meal  

case of waters

Ethan Robbins
Two of the 16oz water cases  


Drake Kennedy
The Vons bakery cookies  
Kira Spargur
I can bring cookies!  


(add whipped cream for bonus!)

Trinity Lehr
Pumpkin pie  
(The one from Costco )
Kevin Viado
Cherry Pie  
(will contain cherries)
Sarah Enriquez
Chocolate cream pie  

green salad

Trinity Lehr
Caesar salad  


(La Croix or soda cans)
Abby Smith
Root Beer  
Lauren Shepard
Bubbly water bottles