Potluck for

Silo Celebration

Friday 8/12/2016 5:00-8:00 PM


Lorraine Tallcott

Email Organizer for Address
Where the Silos Stand
Jeffersonville VT 05464

We are excited to celebrate the completion of the Silo murals! Please join us for an evening of community pride. We want to to thank the artist, Sarah C. Rutherford, all of those who worked with and for her, the Vermont Arts Council, the Cambridge Arts Council and the Silo Sisters for bringing this amazing project to fruition. Celebration will take place at The Silos, intersection of VT RT 108 and VT RT 15, Jeffersonville, VT. We are not sure how many to expect, yet we hope to have hundreds. Tables will be available but we suggest you bring your own chair and/or a blanket to picnic. There will be entertainment and a few short speeches (~ 6 PM) by those who made this all possible. There will be NO refrigeration and NO heat source so please select your dishes accordingly. If you can create a label with ingredients that would be helpful for people with allergy issues. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free dishes should also be labeled. We will have an ice cream vendor on site for those who would like to purchase a frosty ice cream. We look forward to creating a uniquely fun evening celebrating our amazing past and future landmarks, The Silos!


(To serve 10 people each)
















Teresa Bobel Mazzarese
Watermelon- cucumber juice  
Alice Larned
Seltzer cans  
Ellen Hill
Seltzer and ice  
(cups will be provided by Cambridge Arts Council (or BYOC :)))
Jill Harnish
Bottled water  

Main Course

(To serve 10 people each)













Colleen Blood
Vegetarian - Potato and Garden Vegetable Medley  
Pat DeLang
Asian Chicken Broccoli Salad   
Tara Quicksell
Cheese and pepperoni with assorted crackers  
Peggy Bowler
Garden Pasta Salad  
Thekla Lesure
Pasta Salad  
Jenene Edwards
Tuna/pasta salad  
Amanda Tingaud
Sausage with pepper and onions  


(To serve 10 people each)














Lorraine Tallcott
(Both with and without nuts)
Jill Harnish
Carol Plante
assorted cookies  

Chocolate chip cookies  
Rose Delia
Cookies or cupcakes  
Muriel McNally