Potluck for

Hispanic/Chuukese/American Thanksgiving Potluck!

Sunday, Nov 27, 2022 11:00am


Clarissa Sidhom / River City Church

River City Church
2400 E Fourth Plain Blvd
Vancouver WA 

Please comment with what you are bringing, so we don't end up with 6 green bean casseroles! ;)

Meat (Turkey/Ham/Chicken)

(Please comment what type of meat you're bringing!)

Clarissa Sidhom / River City Church
Rotisserie Chickens  
Melody Finn
Brian Hartman
Turkey and Ham  
Joyce Buchanan
Imposssible meatballs   

Side Dish

(Please comment what side dish you're bringing!)

Clarissa Sidhom / River City Church
Mashed Potatoes!  
Diana Rasmussen
cornbread dressing  
Melody Finn
Cornbread stuffing  
Patty Schultz Maul
sweet potato souffle  
Victoria (and Ben) Wright
Macaroni and Cheese   
Annabell Hartman
Dressing , corn  
(May add some other vegetables )
Annabell Hartman
Jm Dania
Plantain banana with coconut milk  


(Please comment what dessert you're bringing!)
Charlotte VanDomelen
Pies! Pumpkin and apple   
Joshua Riffle
Peanut butter fudge  
(Please don't let me have leftovers.)
Leah Ball
Cranberry Cheesecake bars   
Annabell Hartman
Chocolate crunch stacks  
(First time making so we will see)
Joyce Buchanan
Monster cookies