Potluck for THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL: Welcome to Season 12 Potluck and Info Session!

Saturday, Sep 14, 2019 17:00-20:00


Shana Perkins

3955 Old Richmond Rd
Bells Corners ON K2H 5C5

Item List


Barbara Drake
Veggie tray
Richard Plummer
Shrimp cocktail
Noura Alwani
Walnut amd Roasted Red peppers Spread serverd with pita bread
Leona Cooper
Egg rolls. Cut in half


Lisa Butler
Pasta salad
julie and mario tazzi
couscous salad
Leona Cooper
Caesar salad
Jim & Kim Stackhouse
Potato Salad

Main Course

Dorrie Stass
Pulled pork and buns
Shana Perkins
Shana Perkins
Meatballs and rice
Sophia Burgin
Creamy Mac and Cheese
Ram Manikavasagar
Chicken biryani
(Mixed rice with chicken, egg and vegetable)
Rob Foley
2 Pizzas
(Allergy Friendly- No Dairy, eggs, peanuts, kiwi and mustard)
Elaine Johnston
Vegan main course (nut free, soy free)
Helen Palmer
Hash Brown Casserole

Cold Beverages

Lori Byvelds
Bottled water (case)
Lori Byvelds
Case of bottled water
(40 bottles )
Rob Vanasse
Juice Boxes
Jim & Kim Stackhouse
Case of Pop (2)


Talitha LeBlanc
Lori Byvelds
Cookies tiny ginger snaps
(peanut free)
Bruce Macdonald
Apple surprise
Allyson Cameron
Nanaimo bars
rita bergsma
apple pie or crisp
Helen Palmer

Chips & Dip or Chips & Salsa

julie and mario tazzi
nacha dip and tortilla chips
Deanna Hazelwood
Chips and salsa
Jordan LeBlanc
Popcorn and goldfish crackers
((I know this is a lame this to bring, but it's the only thing my son will eat))
Esther Maser
Chips and salsa

Paper Plates (100)

rita bergsma
paper plates

Cutlery (for 100)

Lori Byvelds
Cutlery for 100 ppl

Paper Napkins (200)

Melanie Matheson
Paper Napkins 200 people

Veggies & Dip or Bread & Dip tray

Jenn Dixon
bread and spinach dip
Terence White
green salad
Cindy Manor
Veggie trays and dip