Potluck for

Back-to-Shul Potluck Dinner

Friday 9/13/2019 service 6:45 dinner 7:30


Sarah Chisholm of sarah@shirtikvah.org

3900 Northfield Parkway
Troy Michigan 48084
(248) 649-4418

Welcome back to shul! We are thrilled you will be joining us. Our evening begins with a lively, musical 6:45 pm Prospective Member Back-to-Shul service. Our potluck dinner will follow. Please plan to spend a few minutes looking at the displays from various Shir Tikvah groups and committees. Who knows? You may find something super interesting that you never knew we offered! Please use the sign up to let us know what dish you are bringing and scroll down to volunteer to help make the evening spectacular.


Elizabeth Hohauser
sweet and spicy meatballs  
Haviva Ferrier
Hummos and Pita  
Janice Book
brie bites  
Marla Scafe
Tomato Soup Bisque   
(Vegan and vegetarian)
Tasciana Kowalski
Veggies & dip  
((For my friend Tobin))
Tasciana Kowalski
((For my friend Ed))

Salad or Fruit

Joan Firestone
Potato Salad  
(Only Ira will be there )
Helen Wilson
Spinach/mixed greens Salad gluten/dairy free   
Maryann Nagel
Greek Salad  
Rich Spitzer
Spinach salad  
(Pam, Rich and Ben)
Brooke Fallon-Schaffer
fruit salad  
Tracey Price
Fruit Tray  
Jenny Koenig
Karen Sage
caprese salad with chickpeas  

Main Course - vegetarian




Mandy Mills
Stephanie Appel
Little Caesars pizza  
(Cheese & veggie)
Kira Lau
Vegan Beer Chilli  
Tasciana Kowalski
Roasted Garlic Mushrooms  
(No dairy)

Main Course - fish or meat

Carrie Keough
Sloppy Joes  
Cathy Pefley
Chicken Sausage  
Sarah Chisholm of sarah@shirtikvah.org
Judy Lessin
Keith and Patty Hurwitz/Rehfus
chicken shawarma with rice  
Marcia Leibson
Pennie Goldin Michelin
Debbie Aronson
lamb and rice  

Side Dish or pasta



Beth Isola
Miriam and Terry Finerman
Shani Lewins
Pasta-Stuffed shells  
Lauren Hirsch
Carrot Ring  
Lauren Hirsch


Lorelei Berg
Cinnamon Pound Cake  
(Nancy Gross)
Linnea Bassin
Gluten Free Dessert  
Deborah Schmidt
Jenny Koenig
Fruit tray  
Shani Lewins
Rice crispy treats  
Lara Edwards
Aaron Retish
cookies or a cookie equivalent  

Room Set Up @ 1pm

(Please come in the afternoon to help the staff set up the oneg area for our fabulous dinner.)


Mary Pat Lichtman
Point me to what I need to do.  

Food Runners @ 6:30 pm

(Grab dishes from our members and bring them to the kitchen or oneg area as appropriate.)




Clean Up Crew

(Help clean up the dinner, kitchen, & oneg area.)




Maryann Nagel
clean up  
Judy Lessin
Judy Lessin  
Judy Lessin
Bart Lessin  
Marcia Leibson
Clean up