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Updated Meal Train for p:ear

Posted Oct 6, 2021 by Tony Camacho of p:ear

Hi all! Thank you so much for supporting us in our efforts to feed p:ear youth experiencing severe food insecurities. We greatly appreciate all of the help! I am sending a message informing everyone of our updated meal train for this school year. We are trying to move in a direction of offering p:ear youth burritos as well as other plated options, as we have reopened our drop in space to youth 4 days a week for in person drop in hours. Please share with your communities and help as you can. Thank you again so much and I hope all is well! Best, Tony Camacho Martinez p:ear Program Director


p:ear meal train is back up!!

Posted Sep 8, 2020 by Tony Camacho of p:ear

Hi all, Thanks for helping us feed p:ear youth throughout this time. We have taken a summer break and are back, refreshed, and ready to work with youth for the coming p:ear school year calendar! We have updated our meal train, including available slots between next week and the holiday break in December. We would love any additional support we may receive so that we can continue providing food to the community. Thanks again, Best., -p:ear