Meal Train Plus for

The Raffo-Quattlander Family

Jessa Friend

6955 Petersen Road
Petaluma CA 94952

Dec 16, 2020 Wednesday
Meal: Dinner
Sarah Perry
Gonna check with Justine about what the kids will eat!!
Dec 18, 2020 Friday
Meal: Dinner
Maya Johnson
Bean and cheese burritos with all the fixings
Dec 20, 2020 Sunday
Meal: Dinner
Danielle Rodoni
Stew with green salad
Dec 22, 2020 Tuesday
Meal: Dinner
Amalia Ahlgren
Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, greens
Dec 24, 2020 Thursday
Meal: Dinner
Monique Wells
Holiday meal
(Check with Justine)
Dec 26, 2020 Saturday
Meal: Dinner
Erin Kerch
Chicken, vegetables
Dec 28, 2020 Monday
Meal: Dinner
Maryana Bustamante
Lentil soup/bread and butter
Dec 30, 2020 Wednesday
Meal: Dinner
Peggy Fallon
Beef Stew
(with sides & dessert)
Jan 1, 2021 Friday
Meal: Dinner
Molly Musman
Soup, garlic bread, salad
Jan 3, 2021 Sunday
Meal: Dinner
Ricky Castaneda
Adults: Basteeya, green salad, soup. Kids: chicken tenders with mashed potatoes or mac & cheese
Jan 5, 2021 Tuesday
Meal: Dinner
Theresa Prince
Chicken vegie soup and bread
Jan 7, 2021 Thursday
Meal: Dinner
Nancy J
Homemade lasagna, salad, veggies.
Jan 9, 2021 Saturday
Meal: Dinner
Ilie Watterson
Jan 11, 2021 Monday
Meal: Dinner
daragh Childs
To be determined but yummy
Jan 13, 2021 Wednesday
Meal: Dinner
Madeline Nieto Hope
Pizza and Salad
(Thinking of your family. Sending love and healing energy to Jessica. xo)
Jan 15, 2021 Friday
Meal: Dinner
Mistie Lema
Jan 17, 2021 Sunday
Meal: Dinner
Hanan Huneidi
Not sure yet
Jan 19, 2021 Tuesday
Meal: Dinner
Colleen Richardson
Salsa Verde Enchiladas, black beans and rice
(Half vegetarian, half chicken)
Jan 21, 2021 Thursday
Meal: Dinner
Dominic Montagu
Lasagna, corn and avocado salad, soup
Jan 23, 2021 Saturday
Meal: Dinner
Samantha Studley
Stuffed peppers, salad, garlic bread
Jan 25, 2021 Monday
Meal: Dinner
daragh Childs
Chili .. cornbread..
Jan 27, 2021 Wednesday
Meal: Dinner
Joannie Kwit
Burgers and FF
(Can be Veggie for Jess)
Jan 29, 2021 Friday
Meal: Dinner
Leslie Durkee