Meal Train Plus for

Kristin Larsen and Family

Nick Thomas

881 NW 15th Street
Bend Oregon 97703

06/06/2018 Wednesday
Meal: Dinner
Amanda Roberts
Taco Salad
06/08/2018 Friday
Meal: Dinner
Kaylee Griffin
Aloha Cafe - Hawaiian
06/10/2018 Sunday
Meal: Dinner
Amber Hossick
Ham and Mac casserole, Salad, something else
06/12/2018 Tuesday
Meal: Dinner
Dannika White
Baked Mac & Cheese
06/14/2018 Thursday
Meal: Dinner
Amber Hossick
Mediterranean Quinoa and something for the kiddos
06/16/2018 Saturday
Meal: Dinner
Kristina Burkhart
Something delicious!
06/18/2018 Monday
Meal: Dinner
Amanda Guy
Whole smoked Chicken, baked beans & corn bread
06/20/2018 Wednesday
Meal: Dinner
Anna Higgins
Greek Chicken & Rice
06/24/2018 Sunday
Meal: Dinner
Samantha McGinnis
Will update when closer!
07/06/2018 Friday
Meal: Dinner
Erin Foote Morgan
Chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes and fruit skewers
07/08/2018 Sunday
Meal: Dinner
Alissa Norris
Will update as gets closer
(and BMC Pediatrics staff)
07/10/2018 Tuesday
Meal: Dinner
Shelly South
salsa chicken tacos and a black bean corn salad
07/12/2018 Thursday
Meal: Dinner
Meghan and Tim Reardon
Will let you know as it gets closer.
07/14/2018 Saturday
Meal: Dinner
Anna Thedford
Rotisserie Chicken, salad, Italian bread
(Sending love and support from your Amity Family. Anna, Reese, and Avalin )
07/16/2018 Monday
Meal: Dinner
Natalie Marshall
We will update as it gets closer
07/18/2018 Wednesday
Meal: Dinner
Kory Friedman
Pulled Pork Sliders, Cole Slaw and Fruit Salad
07/20/2018 Friday
Meal: Dinner
Natalie Marshall
We will update as it gets closer ❤️