Meal Train Plus for

The Pegg Family

Ryan Parsons of Boerne Church of Christ

102 Arrowhead Lane
Boerne TX 78006

05/25/2015 Monday
Meal: Meal
Renate Lynn Edwards
Edwards Casserole , Garlic Bread, Apple Torte
(This is a bit of a high starch meal so let me know if you are diabetic and I will change some things)
05/27/2015 Wednesday
Meal: Meal
Kristi Neal
chicken, potatoes, veggie dessert
05/29/2015 Friday
Meal: Meal
Betty French
Beef Stew , Corn Bread and Fruit
06/01/2015 Monday
Meal: Meal
Leann Barnhill
Pulled Pork Sandwiches
06/05/2015 Friday
Meal: Meal
Trish Rackley
steak and potato dish.
(Not spicey and soft and easy to eat.)