Meal Train for

The Dippel Family

The Dippel Family

About this Meal Train

Many friends and family have asked how they can help the Dippel family during this difficult time. With Sarah being in the hospital with Baby Chloe, her husband Alex will be keeping up with their two boys Ace and Brody at home. Making meals for them is just one less thing to worry and stress over while they juggle so much. Please keep in mind, we do not want to be wasteful and allow for these meals to stretch for the 10+ weeks they will be at Children's Mercy. We must consider storage for these meals. Ready to go Freezer meals, restaurant gift cards, a small load of groceries with the basics such as eggs, milk, bread, deli meat, and snacks is also a helpful alternative. Please keep in mind that Brody has a peanut allergy.

Gift Cards