Finally, an update ;)

Posted Jul 8, 2021 by Yashmeen Wilson

Y'all, I'm truly sorry for the lack of updates, but alas, here we are once again🤣 Nearing the end! ============================ ❤️Thank you, EVERYONE for taking the time to feed my family over the last few months. Your time, incredible generosity(donations & gifts included), wonderful meals and kindness made this phase of treatment so much less stressful, truly I'm so indebted to you all!❤️ THANK YOU! Y'all are the real MVPs! (Aside from Blah (my Mom). I said what I said😅) ============================== Here's a quick update (from my bed at Overlake Hospital-overnight stay), as I've just undergone my 2nd and 3rd of 4 total surgeries: (07/08) Surgeries went really well! my new breast surgeon and new plastic surgeon were very happy with each procedure and I'm one step closer to being cancer free. I've said goodbye to my baby feeders, they're in a package waiting for full pathology. I'll be wearing expanders for 3 months... to make room for implants...Ewww... But reconstruction is due in October. And I'll likely explore tattoos to recover some semblance of normality on my chest. Preliminary Pathology came back CANCER FREE so, your gurl is doing alright. Still have Herceptin Infusions every 3 weeks for 7 months beginning next month (only about an hour each). Buuuut, I'm definitely out for the count mobility wise -I can't lift my arms more than 45°- 70° for about 2-4 weeks- while I recover from this surgery. Mentally, I'm feeling pretty strong, I do have my micro moments of doing a little cry-crying, but I recover... It's more cathartic than sad. I've lost a ton of weight since December! 34lbs to be exact...pretty happy about that❤️ Also, up until today I was recently playing volleyball with my daughter, Yalena (or rather exhaustively trying to😅), working at the market with Blah on Saturdays and sewing during the evenings, and also watching Julian's baseball games. Stairs are still an issue, but I can slowly walk up a good 10-15 without resting.... 1 Star, I do not recommend🤣. I was able to garden for the FIRST TIME at our new home!💪🏾 I slept really really well that night. And Y'ALL!!! I'm FINALLY starting to grow hair! Yay! I'm back at work full time but am still battling the vestiges of chemobrain (hence the run on sentences and semi lack of organized thoughts) and OH! I'm losing my nails... They're literally separating from my nail beds... Toes too😫 But overall... I'M. STILL. HERE. Y'all I'm just swimming (stationarily) in gratitude. I'm so thankful for my family❤️ my friends near and far, my supportive colleagues at work, and so many others that helped restore my faith in humanity. So much so, that my tiny, shriveled, black heart started beating again. I'm so beyond lucky... Thank YOU for being there for me, my life and my world is all the better for your presence, support and love. Love always, Yashmeen For those that reached out offering help: 🔥If you're local I've got a few slots for the meal train which would be super, incredibly helpful as I can't lift my arms more than 45°-70° for about 2-4 weeks. https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/g2l443 🎁 Amazon Wish list was updated!! thank you for the reminders folks😅 https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/265G9VPUXDVYX?ref_=wl_share 🌟And if you know of a local cleaning service I'd LOVE a recommendation for house cleanings.(Lake Stevens)

The Wilson Family

Week 1-2 Update from Yaz

Posted Feb 17, 2021 by Yashmeen Wilson

Hello Friends and Family, We just wanted to express our sheer gratitude and appreciation for everyone that has shown up in every possible way for us over these last few weeks. We thank you immensely and cherish you all so very much. Please excuse my lack of immediate replies to messages as these recent days have been very difficult. Not going to lie, Chemotherapy infusion 1 seemed to be a cake walk... Until days 4-10. Managing the actual food to mouth for myself has been the most enormous struggle. I'll spare you all of the details why, but understand that it has been a grueling daily battle. I nearly had to go to the hospital yesterday due to extreme dehydration but after intense aroma therapy and passing fever and chills, we finally had a good day. Balanced calories, plenty of non nauseating liquids, less bodily issues, and food was actually settling for the first time in many days and now we know what is working and what to do...ish. The combo that seems to work best is: 🍓foragers plant probiotic drinks (if you are near us and see these in strawberry, I will pay you to deliver), bananas, glacier cherry Gatorade💊Momma Julie's Bone broth, beans or lentil soup and stomach willing: nibbles from delivered dinners (thank you!). We are at the halfway mark of round 1... So after a week of work next week, we will be repeating this again. We truly thank you in advance for your help and generosity as it has made all of the difference. We'll try to update this weekly moving forward. Love to you all, Yaz and Family