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Meal Train Plus for

Hospitals and First Responders

Hospitals and First Responders

About this Meal Train Plus

Our frontline workers are in need of your support! Please consider helping! Doctors, Nurses, Therapists and the support staff at HUMC and our Police and EMTs are working tirelessly to keep up with the new demand and strain that the Coronavirus has impacted on the system. Their cafeteria was recently transformed into a space for beds to make room for more patients and is now closed leaving hospital workers scrambling for meals. Some of the employees are sleeping in their cars in fear they will infect their family members. They need our support to lift their spirit and keep them going now more than ever! No need to fill the month. You are absolutely welcome to pick a day but we are coordinating with the hospital AND now the local police stations to provide meals, so a DONATION is PERFECT. ALL MEALS ARE WELCOME AND SO APPRECIATED by the staff! TO SIGN UP: Please sign up for a date and coordinate with any local food establishments for direct food delivery. You can even go in with a group... family/friends to fill a date(s). No personal deliveries or home-cooked meals at this time please. TO DONATE: Donate here OR (Preferable) You can VENMO me at @piakia OR Erica Ruggieri and use MEAL TRAIN for the "What is it for" section. ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED AND NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL. THANK YOU SO MUCH and PLEASE STAY HOME and STAY HEALTHY! Erica Ruggieri for ANY Questions!


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