Posted Jan 9, 2022 by Robyn Horn

We had a cancellation for January 16th. If you're free and want to pick it up, I know Kim would greatly appreciate it. Meal trains are also great for confirmation hours and INTERACT hours if your child is signed up for that at the High School. I know they put that option out there for any in that club. I think I'm going to check into getting it approved for the Junior Honor Society at Old Quarry. I'm sure they will allow it as its a Hope and Friendship event. I'll send an email if they approve it for anyone wanting their child to get some remote hours in (and hopefully enjoying some bonding time together cooking) Also, Feb dates are up and if you know anyone who would like to join the meal train, Please invite them! Thanks for all you do to help Kim and her family!


More dates are open

Posted Dec 27, 2021 by Robyn Horn

Hi there, There are still January dates open. If you can help fill any, it would be greatly appreciated. Or, please share with anyone you think would want to help. (Grub hub is an easy way to help out as well) Thanks!


October and November dates

Posted Oct 2, 2021 by Robyn Horn

Anyone available to take a date in October or November? Thanks. It truly takes a village.


October dates are open

Posted Aug 30, 2021 by Robyn Horn

October dates are open for Kim’s ongoing mealtrain. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As always, thank you!