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Irene Veldstra

April Coppini

2021 N Buffalo st
Portland  OR 97217
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01/05/2018 Friday
Meal: Dinner
Carie W-Folz
hard boiled eggs, cooked meat & Veggies, salsa on the side
(will check with Angelina for her fav/suggestions)
01/08/2018 Monday
Meal: Dinner
Olivia Farrell
Roasted chicken with root veggies + some easy breakfast
(Can just drop off food, or stay to help with any vision therapy, homework, projects, etc.)
01/10/2018 Wednesday
Meal: Dinner
Nif Lindsay
chickpea bfast crepes w/sausage and fruit, dinner: kahlua pork w/avocado, nori sans oil, roasted cabbage/onions
01/12/2018 Friday
Meal: Dinner
Megan Wirtz
Crockpot Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quinoa Chili
(Recipe from your Pinterest)
01/22/2018 Monday
Meal: Dinner
Katie Melton
Something great
(Something great that I have yet to invent!)
01/24/2018 Wednesday
Meal: Dinner
Sandra collins
01/26/2018 Friday
Meal: Dinner
Carie W-Folz
more steak & veggies & sweet potatoes
03/09/2018 Friday
Meal: Dinner, smoothies and quick breakfast items
Kerry Mitchell
Flying pie dairy free, gluten free pizza, with new seasons salad and rotisserie chicken
03/12/2018 Monday
Meal: Dinner, smoothies and quick breakfast items
Susan Harris
Rice, dahl, chicken, cauliflower and items for next day breakfast
(I'll keep the rice and dahl seperate. )
05/18/2018 Friday
Meal: Dinner, smoothies and quick breakfast items
April Coppini
Minestrone soup
(Let me know if you want something else or for it to come another day instead! XXOO )
06/01/2018 Friday
Meal: Dinner
Susan Harris
Fixins for quinoa bowls or soft tacos
(black beans, meat, veggie toppings)
06/13/2018 Wednesday
Help: House tidying/ yard work
Nathaniel Boehme