With Gales passing...

Posted Sep 9, 2017 by Candace Hagen

Hi everyone, We are all incredibly sad to have lost our precious Gale. We will miss her joy and her love for life. Thank you all for your support and for bringing meals these last 8 months! I think it is the longest meal train I have ever been apart of. It testifies of how much Gale was loved. As a way to support the family, I am having the meal train continue until the end of this month. If you are able to continue bringing meals that would be amazing, and if not know we are so grateful for all the help you have been through this journey. Thank you for your love and support! Hagen Family


Thank you!

Posted Aug 31, 2017 by Candace Hagen

Just a note to thank you all for your amazing meals. It has been such an incredible blessing to the Hagen family! Thank you for your continued care and love.


Please help by visiting Gale during Seattle Tennis Club "Tennis Week Tournament"

Posted Jul 15, 2017 by Fred Hagen

We are seeking assistance from you to visit with Gale. We have found that Gale perks up and does better when she has visitors. The Seattle Tennis Club is in the midst of “Tennis Week” where a good share of the membership is playing in this tournament called “Tennis Week”. It is actually two weeks, this week and next week ending on July 21. Both Eric and I are involved in playing at this tournament. Most of the play is in the evenings and and sometimes both Eric and I are committed on any given evening. We currently now want to have someone with Gale at all times. Therefore, we need assistance in sitting with Gale ~6:00 PM to 9:30 PM each day from today to July 21. This may involve talking with Gale, watching TV or movies together, just being there when Gale is sleeping, or assuring that Gale does not fall on trips to and from the bathroom. Gale is sleeping a lot these days. We know that you have been very supportive of Gale and the Hagen family by bring dinners. We appreciate this very much. Candace has set up a way to manage these visitations in MealTrain, so people can sign up for visitation much like they sign up to bring dinner to us. Follow the link below and click on “Come Visit” on the day they want to visit with Gale. In addition, if they want to clarify a visit or discuss a visit, call or text Fred at 206-819-9433. The site is now called “MealTrain Plus for Gale Hagen”. Best regards, Fred


Now Added times to sign up to Visit Gale.

Posted Jul 14, 2017 by Candace Hagen

Hi Friends, Thank you so much for your kind and generous hearts that have been helping the Hagen Family by bringing Dinners it is so much appreciated! We have added in addition to this, a place where you can sign up to visit Gale. Please text Fred if you have any questions: 206-819-9433