Supporting Essential Employees and Restaurant Workers

Hundreds of communities are using to support essential workers, such as hospital and medical center employees and firefighters.

Get Started in your Community

Step 1: Connect

Reach out to your local front-line department and ask them if they would be willing to receive a Meal Train.

Step 2: Set-Up a Meal Train Classic or Plus

  • Use Meal Train Classic to organize one meal delivery per day for one hospital/department.
  • Use Meal Train Plus for more complex organizing needs, like multiple meal deliveries per day OR multiple departments at one hospital.
  • Bonus: In support of this effort, we are offering Meal Train Plus for free* for a limited time.

Tip: If organizing for multiple hospitals or locations, we recommend a unique Meal Train for each location.

Step 3: Invite your community

Build support by sharing the Meal Train's unique link on Facebook, Twitter, Email etc.

If you are ready, click below to get started.


Tip #1:

Include the following message in the Special Instructions section of your Meal Train:

Please support our local restaurants, delivery drivers, and essential employees who need our support now more than ever. Please sign up for a date and coordinate with any local food establishments for the delivery of the food directly. No personal deliveries or home-cooked meals at this time please.

Tip #2:

Each Meal Train has an optional donation feature. Turn it on to collect funds, which can be used to purchase meals from local restaurants who will safely deliver the food.

* The normal one-time fee to activate a Meal Train Plus is $10. This fee will be waived in support of your effort. You are welcome to create a different Meal Train Plus for free for each group of essential employees you would like to support. Each Meal Train Plus you create can remain active for as long as needed.