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Why is it important to have a account to sign up for a date?

Anyone can view the calendar of available dates, read the updates page, make a donation (if active) or send a gift card provided they have the unique web address. However, to book a date, each participant needs to have their own sign in account which can be done with Facebook Connect, Google Sign In, or by providing an email and password of their choosing.

Accounts are helpful for:

  • The ability to book a date or, more importantly, cancel a date if something changes, without burdening the organizer or recipient to do it for you.
  • Receiving a reminder email the day before their scheduled delivery
  • Notifications of any organizer or recipient updates or changes to the Meal Train page
  • Viewing your dashboard, which lists all of the Meal Train pages in which you have been invited to participate
  • Ensuring privacy for the meal recipient

We take privacy very seriously and do not sell personal information. You can find our Privacy Policy at the bottom of every page.

Note: You do not need an account to make a cash donation or send a gift card.

How do I remove my name from a Meal Train page?

While signed in, on the My Dashboard page, click the remove button and follow the instructions.

How do I delete my Meal Train account?

Send an email to from the email account you would like to delete.

Why does it say "Edit" next to my booked date?

You are seeing this next to your name because you are the signed-in user.  It's a way for you to come back and make changes to your meal description or date. You can also cancel your booked date if something comes up.  It is not possible to remove this.

How do I find the email of the recipient to send a gift card? (Ask the organizer)

For privacy reasons, we do not show the recipient's email address on the Meal Train Page.  To get the email address, click the envelope icon next to the organizer's or recipient's name and ask them to email it to you.  Some organizers do include the email address for gift cards in the About this Meal Train section.

Who makes the meals? (Your friends and family) hopes to help everyone we can but please be aware that does not make the meals or arrange for delivery.  We are an online organizational tool that helps organize meals and support "for friends, from friends" around significant life events.  The people who are invited to participate usually make and deliver the meal or arrange for delivery. The calendar helps prevent multiple people from showing up on the same day or with the same meal.

Can I participate in Meal Train® pages in my area? (Maybe)

Meal Train pages are individually organized events started by a friend or group leader for a friend or member. Only those who are invited by the organizer, recipient, or someone on the Meal Train® can participate. While we do occasionally hear from very generous people who want to help someone in their community, there are no Meal Trains that are open to everyone and are not searchable by area due to privacy concerns. 

The best way to get involved is to identify someone you know who could use the support of and organize a page for them. If you can't think of anyone, sharing the #MealTrain concept with friends or church group may help identify someone who could use some support.

Where can I find Meal Train tips and recipes?

Go to our Recipes page

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