How does this Work? Book a Date, Donate, Send a Gift Card

While viewing the main Meal Train page for your friend (example below), you can:
  • Donate Cash (#1): Click the Donate button on the Meal Train page. (Note that this feature is not active on all Meal Train pages)
  • Send a Gift Card (#2): Send a Local Meal Delivery Gift Card via GrubHub
  • Book a Date (#3): Select a date that work for you to provide a meal. 

    Note: does not make the meals or arrange for delivery. The people who are invited usually sign up and make and deliver the meal or arrange for delivery.  


Not Finding the Meal Train Page for your friend? Have the Organizer, Recipient, or a Participant send you the unique web address that links to the specific Meal Train page ( Example: Opening this link will take you to your friend's Meal Train page where you participate.  Note: To protect privacy, Meal Train pages are not searchable.

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