Merge or combine two Meal Train pages

Important: We recommend completing this action on desktop.

  1. Decide which Meal Train page you would like to remain active.  Lets call this page 1  (the deactivated Meal Train page will be page 2)
  2. Print off the booked dates listed on page 2 AND have the organizer of Meal page 2 add you as a secondary organizer.
  3. Invite everyone on page 2 to participate in page 1.  (If you are added as a secondary organizer, you can use the Invite From Past Event feature*. (It is important that you invite from within and not from Facebook, text, or your personal email at this stage)
  4. With the printed schedule in hand, take any booked date on page 2 that is also available on page 1 by clicking Volunteer (with your account).  Then in the drop down list, select the name of the person who had signed up on page 2 and complete the booking process.
  5. The site will send an email to them confirming their date booking.
  6. For anyone who is double booked, you will need to cancel one party.
  7. Finally, have the organizer of page 2 deactivate the Meal Train page by going to the Edit Page and deleting it.

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