Withdraw or transfer donations (Organizer)

First, sign in, click the Edit Page button found at the top of the Meal Train page followed by the Manage Donations button.

I AM the person who turned on the Donation Fund and the Meal Train organizer

Verify your information and link a bank account. A bank account is the only option for collecting the funds. Click the Set Up Withdrawals button and opt to withdraw the funds OR transfer ownership to the Meal Train page recipient.

Pro Tip: If your email is listed as both the organizer and recipient of the Meal Train page, you will be given the option to transfer ownership to "Someone else". If you're not seeing this button and you are signed in with the right email, you are not the person who activated the Donation Fund. Please try signing in with a different email address if you feel you are the one who activated the donation fund (not the same as organizing the Meal Train page).

Withdraw or transfer donations (Organizer)

Withdrawal Timeline and Summary

Once you have linked a bank account, withdrawals happen AUTOMATICALLY around 9 pm ET, Saturday through Wednesday, and usually take 2 days to post to your bank account. You do not need to manually request a withdrawal. The above schedule ensures that withdrawals only post to your bank account on weekdays (Mon-Fri)*. Learn more here.

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