Why you have a MealTrain.com account to sign up for a date

Anyone can view the calendar of available dates, read the updates page, make a donation (if active) or send a gift card provided they have the unique web address. However, to book a date, each participant needs to have their own sign in account which can be done with Facebook Connect, Google Sign In, or by providing an email and password of their choosing.

Accounts are helpful for:
1) The ability to book a date or more importantly, cancel a date if something changes 
2) Receive a reminder email the day before their scheduled delivery
3) Be notified of any organizer or recipient updates or changes to the Meal Train page
4) For more active users, we also list all of the Meal Train pages in which you have been invited to participate and booked dates
5) To ensure privacy for the meal recipient

We take privacy very seriously and do not sell personal information. You can find our Privacy Policy at the bottom of every page.

Note: You do not need an account to make a cash donation or send a gift card.

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