I am an organizer, how do I help with gift cards?

Please visit the support page or call 1-833-942-7467 for all customer support related to USA gift card purchases.*

*Gift card orders are processed and fulfilled by / InComm. Customer Support has no information on individual gift card orders.

Share the Recipient’s Email (with their permission)

For privacy, the recipient's email address is not displayed on the Meal Train Page. We recommend including the email address for gift cards in the Story or Special Instructions section to make it easier for participants who want to send gift cards. 

See Who Purchased Gift Cards

Since gift cards are purchased independently of, we are not provided any information about the sales, and they're not automatically linked to the Meal Train page calendar.  The recipient will be notified by email for any successful gift card purchases.  No information is sent to the organizer.  

Request a Specific Brand of Gift Card

The brands offered on the gift card page are not customizable. If a certain brand of gift card is preferred, you can include a note about that in the Meal Train Story or the Special Instructions section.

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