Potluck for

Roadtrip Snacks

Saturday 6/23/2018 All Day

Roadtrip Snacks


 Eric Blake


90 Riverside Dr SE
St. Cloud MN 56303

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Sign up for a snack to bring by Wednesday June 20th! Snacks can be dropped off all week and the morning we leave (6/23). Please email Intern SJ at youthintern@salemstcloud.org if you have any questions!

NO Peanuts and NO Peppers

Dried Fruit (bags)

(Craisins, Raisins)
 Jason Voss
3.5 lb bag crasins  
 David Rush
Large bag or raisins  

Fresh Fruit (bags)

(Apples (1), "Cuties" (2))
 Paris Hoel
Two bags of cuties  
 Holly magnan
 Anders Benoit

Fresh Vegetables (bags)

(Baby Carrots (2), Spinach (1 large bag), Snap Peas (1), Broccoli Florets (1))
 Sarah Theisen
 Lori Moe
Baby carrots x2  
 Bruce Johnson
Snap Peas  
 Bruce Johnson
Broccoli Florets  

Nuts/Granola (bags)

(Almonds (3), Cashews (1), Granola (2 large bags), Granola bars (6 pkg))
 Lori Carr
Pail of Homemade Granola  
 Heather Oehrlein
Granola bars  
 Whitney Woidyla-wood
Granola bars  
 David Rush
Chewy granola bars  


(Sun Chips (1), Doritos (1), Veggie Straws (1), Cheetos (1), Potato Chips (1))
 Anita Peitz
 Heather Oehrlein
Sun Chips  
 Heather Oehrlein
Potato chips   
 Abike Eyo
 Debbie Summers
Veggie Straws  
 Travis johnson
Variety bags  

Sugary Treats

(Sour Patch Kids, M&M's (not peanut), Fruit snacks/strips (2- 24 packs), PopTarts, Twizzlers)
 Anita Peitz
100 pack fruit snacks  
 Anita Peitz
PopTarts (S'mores) 36  
 Lori Moe
(3 bags)
 Amy Gessner
M&M’s and Twizzlers  
 Brayden Ogle
Sour patch kids bag (large)  

Homemade Cookies (dozen)

(Packed in ice cream pails (4 dozen), Oreos (2 family packs))
 Marie Sanderson
2 - Oreos   
 Gage Zastrow
snickerdoodles- 2 buckets  
 Sarah Theisen
Bucket of chocolate chip cookies  
 Lori Moe
Chocolate chip  
 Lori Moe
Family pack oreos  


(String cheese (3 pkgs), Go-gurt (1 box), Vanilla yogurt (2 tubs), Veggie dip (1 containerc)
 Jason Voss
2 - 48 pack string cheese  
 Vicki Stoeckel
1 box Go-gurt, 2 tubs Vanilla yogurt  
 Debbie Summers
String Cheese  
 Debbie Summers
Veggie dip  


(Gatorade (20oz bottles- LOTS), Apple Juice (3 bottles))
 Anita Peitz
28-pack Water  
 Anita Peitz
24 bottles Gatorade, 4 bottles apple juice  
 Jason Voss
2 - 24 pack Gatorade  
 Amy Gessner

Paper Products

(Paper towels, Plates/Cereal size Bowls, Cups/Spoons/Knives)
 Marie Sanderson
Paper towels  
 Anita Peitz
75 plates, 72 bowls  
 John Unger
Cups, spoons, knives