Potluck for

Hungry Heroes

Thursday 11/23/2017 10-11 am


 Becky Kachur


1732 Racetrack Rd.
New Bern NC 28562

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Thank you so much for stepping up to feed our local heroes. Please deliver your meal item cooked to the church between 10 and 11 am. Please carve/slice the ham and turkey and only provide disposable serving dishes and utensils. If you have any questions at all, please email becky@latitude.church.

Turkey (Cooked)

 Mark and Vicki Stewart
sliced turkey  
 Kimberly Anderson
Sliced turkey  
 Monica Daniel Jacobs
sliced turkey  
 Tracey Halder
Sliced Turkey  

Ham (Cooked)

 Judy Ashley
Spiral Ham  
 Laura Coleman
Cooked Ham  
 Amber Tabarrini
Spiral Ham (one)  

Sides (mashed potatoes, veggies, mac n cheese, sweet potatoes, etc)

 Mark and Vicki Stewart
green beans  
 Crystal Ward
Stringbean casserole, yams  
 Carla Sittig
 Valerie Styron
Cranberry sauce   
 shannon sneeden
 Kathy May
Crockpot of Turkey Gravy  
 Kathy May
Mac n cheese  
 Michele Reynolds
Mashed potato casserole   
 Evelyn Ochoa
Mashed Potatoes  
 Michelle Barefoot
mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes   
 Deborah Edwards
green bean casserole,sweet potato casserole  
 Lindsey Barbary
Broccoli Casserole  
 Tracey Halder
 Judy Dodson
Sweet Potate casserole  
 Olivia Hazell
Corn casseroles  

Sweet Tea

 Jeremy Lewis
Sweet tea   
(Bojangles 10 half gals )
 Lauren Yasser
5 gallons   
 Tracey Halder
10 Half Gallons from McDonalds  


 Jeremy Lewis
(Total of 5 )
 Danielle Banks
2 Chocolate pies  
 Crystal Raquel
Banana Split Cake  
 David Zink
3-6 pack Jimmy John Cookie boxes  
(Triple Chocolate Chunk)
 Kathy May
Bananna Pudding  
 Michele Reynolds
Pecan Pies (2)  
 Evelyn Ochoa
2 Pumpkin Pies  
 Brittaney Ratzlaff
Chocolate chip cookies and brownies  
 Lindsey Barbary
Honey Bun Cake  
 Olivia Hazell

Bread (Rolls, etc)

 Dianne Littleton
pumpkin bread, date bread and Hawaiian rolls  
 Kimberly Anderson
Sweet Hawaiian rolls   
 Laura Coleman
Hot rolls  
 Meagan Needham
Pumpkin Muffins  
 Tracey Halder
dinner rolls  
 Elizabeth Esturban
Dinner rolls  
 Olivia Hazell
Dinner rolls