Potluck for

Hungry Heroes

Thursday 11/22/2018 10-11 am


 Becky Kachur


1732 Racetrack Rd.
New Bern NC 28562

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Thank you so much for stepping up to feed our local heroes. Please deliver your meal item cooked to the church between 10 and 11 am. Please carve/slice the ham and turkey and only provide disposable serving dishes and utensils. If you have any questions at all, please email becky@latitude.church.

Turkey (Cooked)

 Joan Muller
will provide a cooked turkey, sliced and ready to serve  
 Mallory Salter
One sliced turkey  
 Joleine Wright
Deep fried turkey  

Ham (Cooked)

 April Frank
Cooked and sliced  
 Tyler Fry
 Thomasine Dudley
Sliced Ham   

Sides (mashed potatoes, veggies, mac n cheese, sweet potatoes, etc)

 Melissa Briggs
Sweet potatoes   
 Amanda Vega
Mashed potatoes  
 Lindsey Barbary
Corn Casserole  
 Deborah Edwards
Broccoli casserole  
 Jessica Mcphillips
Mac and cheese   
(Will only be able to drop off, I unfortunately can’t stay and serve. It’s our first thanksgiving with our baby.)
 Tyler Fry
Mashed potatoes   
 Rachel Bloomberg
Greenbean casserole   
 Carol Foreman
Sweet Potato Soufflé   
 Carol Foreman
Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots   
 Bobby & Leigh Scurry
Crazy potatoes, green beans  
 Sydney Campbell
Cheesy Potatoes  
 Dana Drake
 Gail LaBarbera
Macaroni & Cheese  
 Crystal Ward
Stuffing, gravey and sweet tea  

Sweet Tea

 Cheryl Jackson
4 gal sweet & 4 gal unsweetened   
(Will provide artificial sweeteners)
 Lauren Yasser
(4 gal )
 Dana Drake
2 sweet / 2 unsweetened   


 Melissa Briggs
Chocolate cream pie  
 Amanda Vega
Cinnamon rolls  
 Amanda Vega
Apple pie  
 Lindsey Barbary
Honey Bun Cake  
 Deborah Edwards
2 chocolate pies  
 Lauren Yasser
Pecan Pie and Chocolate Pie  
(4 pies)
 Ashley Gwynn
Coconut cake  
 Lisa Buckner
2 Turtle cheesecakes  
 Gail LaBarbera
Pumpkin Pie  
(3 Pies)
 Kimberly Anderson
Pumpkin Cheesecake  

Bread (Rolls, etc)

 Mairym Rosa
4 pack of rolls  
 Cheryl Jackson
4 packs of rolls  
(Cheryl Jackson )
 Tyler Fry
4 packs of rolls   
 Joan Muller
loaf of home made bread  
 Ann Smith
4 dozen rools  
 Shea Argento
4 packages dinner rolls  
 Kimberly Anderson
4 pks of sweet rolls