Potluck for

Crieve Hall Palm Sunday Lunch

Sunday, Mar 24, 2024 11:30am

Join us for our Easter egg hunt and lunch Sunday, March 24th after our service on the playground! Chicken tenders will be provided, please sign up below to bring a side dish. The Egg Hunt is for all Kidtown age kids and there will have age-appropriate areas designated. We hope to see you there!

Mac and Cheese

This slot is still available
This slot is still available
 Julie Lamb
Crock pot Mac and cheese   
(Nothing fancy- for the kids )
 Caitlin Anselmo
Gluten free!  
 Laura Beth Henninger
Mac and cheese!   
 Sarah Scott
Mac & cheese  
 Mallorie Kerby
Gluten free   
 Sarah Kemp
Mac & Cheese  
 Adam Thron
DF + GF  
 Autumn Kujawa
Gluten free  

Salad: green leaf, potato, or pasta (to serve 20)

This slot is still available
 Martha Willis
Green salad and pasta salad   
 sarah wegner
 Emily Burden
Spinach Salad  
Broccoli salad  
 kat scheibe
Kale salad   
 Lizzy Alfs
Mediterranean farro salad  
 Holli Hennigan
Orzo Pasta salad  
 Catherine Singleton
Green salad and deviled eggs  
 Meredith Wyse
Green salad  

Fruit (to serve 20)

 Lindsay Hill
Fruit Salad  
 Michelle Eckland
 Treva Gordon
 Katie Cowan
 Jacob Fowler
 Kaitie Daniel
 The Smallwoods
 Paige Sottek
Fruit salad  
 Kate Taylor
 Seth Greenwald
Carrot Salad  
(A sweet, carrot coleslaw.)

Chips (2 bags)

 Amanda Price
 Amber Wilkinson
Potato chips   
 Paige Sottek
Siete Chips  
 Courtney Austin

Dessert (to serve 20)

 Tiffany Garrett
Something yummy!  
 Katie Cowan
Lemon bars or cupcakes  
 Janie Townsend
Chocolate chip cookies  
 Robin Dillard
Sugar cookies with pastel icing  
 Sarah Stricklin
Lemon shortbread cookies  
 Dawn Edens
Pink cookies  
 Tricia McElroy
Lemon Bundt cake   
 Gina Sinecki
 Becca Feeney

Dessert, Gluten Free (to serve 20)

This slot is still available
This slot is still available
 Suzanne Williams
gf dessert  
 Amanda Price
GF brownies  
 Kim Carr
Rice Krispie Treats  
 Pauli Wear
Rice Krispie Treats