Potluck for

Potluck and Communion

Sunday, Apr 30, 2023 11:30am

Potluck and Communion

 Matt Ehlen


5255 Lawrenceville Hwy
Lilburn GA 

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• Write under "description" which dish you are planning to bring to avoid duplicate dishes. • Drop off dishes by 10:15am in the gym kitchen. A hospitality team member will be there to receive your item. • Please bring enough to share :).


(Example: veggie platter, spinach dip, dinner rolls, chips & salsa.)
This slot is still available
 Anna Valladares
nachos & cheese :)  
(Anna :))
 Lisa Maness
 Dianne Banks
Veggie Platter  

Side Dish

(Example: potato salad, cold pasta salad, rice dish.)
 Anna Valladares
Broccoli Bake - Ginnie Childers  
(Ginnie Childers)
 Anna Valladares
Potato Salad - Joan Finnell  
(Joan Finnell)
 Anna Valladares
Broccoli Salad - Carol Clower  
(Carol Clower)
 Anna Valladares
Rice w/Chicken from Sister Betty Chow  
(From Sister Betty Chow)
 Roberta South
Macaroni and cheese AND deviled eggs  
 Amy Sanchez
Corn casserole  
 Marlene Ehlen
Copy cat Olive Garden Salad  
 Hope McLendon
3 bean salad  

Main Course

(Example: lasagna, chicken casserole, rotisserie chickens, enchilada casserole.)
This slot is still available
 Teresa Buckley
Turkey breast and pot roast   
 Patrick Hammond
something from sams  
 Anna Valladares
Spaghetti Casserole - Nikki Kelly  
(Nikki Kelly)
 Anna Valladares
25 Pupusas  
(Noemi is bringing the pupusas. I just signed her up :))
 Cristina Yanez
Chicken enchiladas   
 Amy Sanchez
Chicken salad  
((With tostadas and crackers))
 Marlene Ehlen
(Need space for crockpot)


(Example: small water bottles, unsweetened & sweet tea or ice..)
 Anna Valladares
Waters - Sister Rosita   
(Rosalia Gallegos)
 N Kelly
Small water bottles  
 N Kelly
Sweet tea  
 N Kelly
Unsweetened tra  


(Example: cookies, cupcakes, pie, muffins.)
This slot is still available
This slot is still available
 Linda Edwards
Pound Cake  
 Anna Valladares
Fruit Cocktail w/Yogurt - Sister Camila  
(From Sister Camila)
 Amy Sanchez
Chocolate chip pound cake  
 Marlene Ehlen
Sliced watermelon or strawberry cake