Potluck for

Red Carpet VIP Reception & Awards

Sunday 1/12/2020 11:30

Red Carpet VIP Reception & Awards


 Leslie Stewart


Resurrection Episcopal Church
6801 Preston Meadow Drive
Plano Texas 75024

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Items may be placed in the cafeteria before the service. Plug-ins are available for crockpots.


 Claudia Estrella De Rios
Chicken buffalo Dip   
 Meg Muller
Shrimp dip  
(Trudy is bringing this)
 Greg Burnett
Dip with something to dip in it  

Side Dish

 Janice Truitt
Corn salad  
 Xenia Gross
Zuchini and mint salad  
 Phyliss Davis
Something veggies haven't decided yet  

Main Course (Meat)

 Meg Muller
Surprise - haven't decided yet!  
 Doug Kent
Bbq sausage   

Main Course (Vegan or Vegetarian)

 Laura Fradette
Abbey’s Breakfast quiche   
 Shannon Catalano
Something vegan!  


This slot is still available
 Hope Aubert-Schall
Chocolate cake  
 Janice Truitt
Chocolate chip cookies  


This slot is still available
 Jennifer Smith
Water, lemonade and ice