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Multicultural Thanksgiving Potluck!

Sunday, Nov 26, 2023 11:00am

Multicultural Thanksgiving Potluck!

 Clarissa Sidhom


River City Church
2400 E Fourth Plain Blvd
Vancouver WA 

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Please comment with what you are bringing, so we don't end up with 6 green bean casseroles! ;)

Meat (Turkey/Ham/Chicken)

(Please comment what type of meat you're bringing!)
This slot is still available
This slot is still available
 Maria Freitas
Pias pie  
(Swedish meat pie)
 Roxy Ramson
Kalua Pig (Hawaiian Pulled Pork)  
(Slider-style with Hawaiian bread rolls )

Side Dish

(Please comment what side dish you're bringing!)
 Melody Finn of River City Church
Cornbread stuffing/gravy/ mashed potatoes  
 Krista Harris
Sausage & Cranberry Stuffing  
 Patty Schultz Maul
Corn pudding   
 Leah Ball
Mashed potatoes  
 Victoria and Ben Paul
Mac and Cheese  
 Caryn Fox
Cauliflower Mac and Cheese  
 Kellie Budnick
Crackers, meat and cheese.   
 Ryan Sidhom
Tahini and Pita Bread  
(Our family's traditional Egyptian dish)


(Please comment what dessert you're bringing!)
 Joshua Riffle
Applesauce cake  
 Victoria and Ben Paul
Apple crisp  
 Caryn Fox
Pumpkin Bars  
 Roxy Ramson
Sweet potato casserole   
(Made by Wes!)
 sandy robinson
pumpkin pie  
 Kellie Budnick
Cherry vanilla cake