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Our little 5 year old fearless and ball of energy, Charlie, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma on Monday, September 17th. Neuroblastoma is a childhood cancer that impacts the sympathetic nervous system. She has a tumor on her adrenal gland. It has spread to her chest and neck. Her treatment plan will include chemotherapy (Albany, NY), surgery to remove the tumor (NYC), stem cell transplant (Rochester, NY), and radiation. The entire process will take 1 to 1 1/2 years. Back on September 6, 2018 after her first day of Kindergarten, Charlie had a fever and was fatigue. The fever disappeared the next morning but returned later on that evening. During the weekend, she complained of her stomach hurting her as well as her bones. Her parents knew something was off and scheduled an appointment with her pediatrician. So on Monday, September 10th she went to the doctors. Before her appointment, her mom noticed a bump on her neck. At the appointment, her doctor thought that she might have a viral infection and that her aching bones, might be related to growing pains. Her mother had an inclining that something still seemed off and asked for blood work. The doctor said it was not unreasonable so the following AM, she went for blood work. On Wednesday, her parents got a dreaded call that her blood work seemed abnormal and that they were consulting a hematologist. Twenty minutes later, the doctor notified her parents that the next day she had a 10am appointment with a hematologist. They did blood work and sent them back on their way. About 20 minutes after getting to her aunts and uncles house to pick up “sister”, her parents received a call that some more blood work came back abnormal and that they wanted her to come back to be admitted to the hospital. In the past week, she has had a bone marrow biopsy, blood transfusion, ultrasound, ct scan, bone and tumor biopsy, and a port put in. Starting this upcoming weekend, she will begin her first round of chemo. Donations are amazing, but prayers are priceless. All funding raised will help to cover hospital stays, copay's, hotel and transportation fees, daycare for "sister", and all other monetary needs during this bump in the road. Charlie's mommy is a stay-at-home and her daddy works, but, is taking time off from work to comfort and help our fearless, energetic little girl. This funding and help is to kick neuroblastoma in the butt! Thank you so much for your support!


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