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Meal Train for

Tara Homan and Family


Cancelling meal train, but feel free to volunteer to drop off dinner when you can

Posted 03/16/2020 by Kelly Ewen

HI Friends: Tara feels like it's a lot to ask all of you to bring meals to her when you are probably going through a lot in your homes. I told her we all want to help and it's not a problem. But she is insisting on cancelling meals until 4/16. If you would like to help out on any random day/night with a meal, can you text her for planning purposes? Thanks for your help!! Tara's phone: 317-407-0830 Kelly's phone 773-230-8460


Added dates through the end of the school year

Posted 12/12/2019 by Kelly Ewen

Hi All: Let's keep helping the Homans as they go through the unimaginable. Thanks for all you do for them.


Dates added through the end of 2019

Posted 08/28/2019 by Kelly Ewen

Hi All: I added more dates to the Homan Family Meal Train! Please share with friends. I am asked a lot about how to help the Homans. This is a great way to help! I know these meals have helped them tremendously. Let me know if you have any questions! Kelly Ewen


Added dates

Posted 06/30/2019 by Kelly Ewen

Hi All: I had to cancel some meals 7/9-7/20, but added October to the calendar. Thanks for all you are doing to help the Homans.


Added September

Posted 06/09/2019 by Kelly Ewen

Hi All: Thanks for all you are doing for the Homans. They very much appreciate your meals. I added September to the calendar. Feel free to share with others.


Added more dates

Posted 05/30/2019 by Kelly Ewen

HI: If you can help out, that would be great! I Thanks!


More dates added to the Homan Meal Train

Posted 04/14/2019 by Kelly Ewen

Hi: I talked with Tara and she agreed to extend the meal train through July. Could you sign up for more meals? I know the Homans are appreciative of the dinners. Could you forward this to a friend who might like to help? Thanks! Kelly E


Too busy to cook or hate cooking?

Posted 11/26/2018 by Kelly Ewen

People can send money to Molly Wilson's business PayPal ( - payment needs to be sent as a “family and friends” payment instead of “goods and services” so they don’t take a fee out of the money people are donating). Molly will bank the money for Tara to use weekly as she chooses.


Added days

Posted 11/26/2018 by Kelly Ewen

Hi: I added dates through May. Added Sunday night to the mix too. Check out the option to have Molly Wilson cook and deliver healthy food for you. Please feel free to share with others.


Tara is back

Posted 10/01/2018 by Kelly Ewen

Hi, Thanks for signing up to bring the Homans a meal. We still have more dates and I"ll probably add more in 2019. I talked to Tara today and they are really trying to stay healthy, so again no desserts! I am sure she'd appreciate healthy snacks as another idea. Feel free to share the meal train with others! Let me know if you need anything. Kelly


Homan vacation

Posted 07/26/2018 by Kelly Ewen

HI Everyone: Thanks so much for signing up to bring the Homans a meal! They are taking a 6 week vacation out west. The meals August 21st through the end of September are cancelled! Can you pick another date in October, November, or December? There are a few more in July and August that need to be filled! Thanks