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Baylor University Medical Center ER/MICU/8R

Baylor University Medical Center ER/MICU/8R

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Help our local restaurants & the front line medical staff at Baylor University Medical Ctr. Every $ contributed will go directly to local restaurants & will deliver meals the Baylor ER, MICU & New Containment. Why: - Medical staff are overwhelmed with the cases coming in & caring for patients with other medical needs - regular case load is heavy & COVID-19 is exacerbating the situation. - They are short staffed in general, but some staff have been excluded due to age, pregnancy, compromised health issues and now exposure. They are running even leaner & those who can work have more frequent shifts with less breaks in between. - The people who are taking care of patients/our community don't have time to take care of their own needs - let's help them with the easy stuff & keep their bellies & hearts full! - They are one of the only businesses that open 24/7! - Help your LOCAL RESTAURANTS! - Make a BIG impact without leaving your house!! - Why this MealTrain? I arranged a single-point contact process, with NO contact delivery, so it protects EVERYONE involved. They don't need unnecessary traffic in the hotbed of Covid-crazytown. Random deliveries that aren't individually wrapped, although nice & appreciated, may have the unintended effect of creating interruptions & hazards. Plus, we are in it for the long haul, slow and steady so we can win this race together and support until there are ZERO new cases! I coordinate with restaurants to ensure we're providing varied, delicious & nutritious meals everyday, with different protein & veggie choices, so staff can power through the long 12 hr shifts. (No one wants to eat a turkey sandwich or pizza everyday, even if it's gifted, right?) How: - Every $ contributed will provide meal service for 3 depts that are particularly stressed - ER, Medical ICU, New Containment. These depts are on the front-line of the COVID-19 outbreak. - There are approximately 130 people in all 3 depts and there are 2 shifts/day (lunch & dinner). This will be needed every day until this outbreak simmers down. Lots of opportunity to help every day! - Once the contributions can feed 130, the pre-designated local restaurant will deliver per necessary precautions (individually wrapped, safe drop off, post pics of meals/delivery, etc). ***UPDATE! THANKS to your generosity, starting 4/1, ALL 3 depts will be sent meals everyday, alternating between Day & Night shifts, so every dept and every shift receive meals at least every other day. I'd love to be able to send meals to both shifts every day, so let's keep it going!*** - Local restaurants will be rotated so that we spread the love!!! The contributions will go directly to the restaurants so they don't get a "haircut" for service fees. - The more meals we can donate, the more restaurants we can help, and the more support we can show for the front-line heroes & heroines from afar. They are so moved by the community support & appreciation thus far!! They are human & need our support and love to keep going strong especially now! Keep writing those sweet messages when you donate, staff sees the Donor's page notes. It's so very appreciated. **BUSINESS OR GROUP DONATIONS: I'm thrilled that our business community & local groups are supporting!! If you'd like to sponsor an entire meal service, I'm happy to print your Logo & message & attach to the meal delivery. You can also pick the restaurant you want to support (if they can accommodate delivery #s, etc). See the Updates for previously sponsored meals. Click on the Organizer hyperlink in the top left to email me. At this time, this is for Baylor only, but this idea can certainly be replicated for your local hospital. Sending love & good thoughts to our community, Tam Pham Please support these awesome LOCAL EATERIES for your at-home take out! They are working hard for us! Please click on CALENDAR for all of the participating restaurants & delivery schedules. Click on UPDATES to see restaurant & staff pictures. This MealTrain is bringing so much joy! Thank you!!


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