Update to the Quinns Meal Train

Posted Jul 25, 2020 by Sally Rausch

Hi friends, Just a few quick updates. If you've brought food over in a container that you'd like back, they've put those containers next to cooler on the porch. Please pick those up as soon as you can. If you're bringing food over, please put it in a disposable container or a container you don't need back to make things as easy as possible for the Quinns. They've also requested pork-free meals if possible. Thank you all so very much!


Update to The Quinn's Meal Train

Posted Jul 22, 2020 by Sally Rausch

To the Quinns incredible support team, THANK YOU for stepping up in so many ways and with your generous support of meals. Just wanted to share a few updates on the meal train with you all - we've increased the number of adults to 6, as we are hopeful Tallu will be home soon! (And even so, sweet amazing Robbie has been bringing her some of the dinners in the hospital, so she can have truly nourishing, yummy food). We are also asking everyone to text Sarah Schuyler when you drop off your meal in the cooler on their front porch. Her number is 615-594-6277. Thank you all so much. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Updates to The Quinn's Meal Train

Posted Jul 21, 2020 by Sally Rausch

Thank you all for signing up to support the Quinns with the gift of a meal. We've made a few changes now that we know a bit more from the family. There will be 5 adults and 2 kids for dinners. We've also added sign ups for breakfast items, so if you have signed up for a dinner, you don't need to worry about bringing breakfast items. If you've already planned for them, that's great too! We've added the breakfast sign ups as well as another week of dinner sign ups, so please share widely, so we can get those slots filled. There is a cooler on the Quinns porch with clorox wipes. Please wipe down the cooler and then place your food inside during the designated time window. Thank you all so much!