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**Check the “Updates” tab for the newest information about how Allison is doing and her current treatment.** In February, Allison started treatment again for another breast cancer recurrence. While the radiation treatments in the fall helped resolve the one targeted lymph node, the latest scan showed new lymph nodes of concern, as well as new lesions in the lower back and both legs. Given these developments, Allison is back on weekly IV chemotherapy and will be starting radiation again in the coming weeks. The treatments have been taxing on Allison and causing worsening fatigue. We would like to help the White family by providing meals, if you are able, it would be so appreciated! Because of her diagnosis and treatment, Allison is employing every means possible to fight cancer with all she's got. A part of that means eating healthy food which will be great medicine for her body. Allison and Kevin are limiting dairy, sugar and processed foods in general. The White's are so thankful for all of your prayers, love and support.

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