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From Carolann "So my story started at the beginning of the lock down. I was exhausted like never before and my body hurt all over and my energy was nonexistent. I couldn’t figure out what was going on with me and I started going to the doctor. Well that didn’t help and nothing was getting better. My neck was hurting more and more to where I would cry. And then I started to develop what I could only explain as a clogged milk duct. I went to 2 different doctors and they finally sent me to a surgeon. Thank God for Dr. Susie Hagen! She drained the duct twice and it just came right back the same day. She sent off a sample and there it was.. cancer! Noooo!! So we are now off to Rocky Mountain Cancer Center. Oncologist doesn’t know where the cancer started so she decided to just call it stage 4 breast cancer. It was in my lymphoids too. So I go through 12 weeks of paclitaxel. I would have 3 treatments of just the paclitaxel and then I would have every fourth treatment with immunotherapy.. and then they added these shots that make your bones make more white blood cells. And those shots sent me to the ER every time I took them. I could feel my fingernails grow.. and it hurts! So I finished all that and started the “red devil” well that actually almost killed me. My body temperature dropped to 80 and I almost died. I got outta the hospital and started being abused/ neglected by my caretaker. It was caught on video and CPS was called on me and the boys. So the caretaker is gone and charges are being pressed. I was so weak I couldn’t understand she was abusing us.. like it just didn’t click until after CPS came and left that it was abuse. Chemo truly messes with your brain and totally changes your body’s chemistry. Chemo brain is so real and scary! I will be having a conversation and get lost and not be able to figure out what I wanted to say.. like scary! Right as this is all happening I get a blood transfusion and that gave me life. It felt like I was getting Reiki from inside my body. Blood truly is life and just so precious. (Thanks to all who donate) So I am getting stronger each day and my boys are seeing this fight. I am so very blessed to have 3 amazing children who I absolutely love and adore to no end. This.. journey has changed me.. I am even more grateful for all the people who care for my children and myself. I will be working with Nanna Bo, the breast cancer nurse navigator, to help parents who may end up in the position I was in to not have to go through the trials myself and family have been put through. And I’m going to become an end of life dula. I could easily be bitter but then why am I fighting so hard to live? After the last trip to the hospital for a week stay I had an appointment with the oncologist. So we decided to stop the chemo, continue the immunotherapy every 3 weeks and see about surgery now. So I had a PET scan this past Friday and I have an MRI this coming Wednesday to see where the cancer is and if I can now have the double mastectomy. The chemo has left me absolutely exhausted and needing as much help as we can get. My children are my life and these meals are going to be such a blessing to us. So thank you all from our hearts to yours! Thank you for reading this. And if you do have the time, energy and money at these times please know we are truly grateful and feel blessed just to be thought of during our tuff times. You all will be in my thoughts and our prayers."

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