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Episcopal Student Center


Please sign up to brign food to the Episcopal Student Center this spring semester!

Posted 12/14/2019 by Keith Pozzuto of Episcopal Student Center

I want to thank you all for your continued support of the Student Center. Please continue your support by signing up for the spring semester. We will meet at 6 pm on Thursday nights and 6:30 pm on Sunday nights. We generally have around 12 students who show up. The food is up to you some will have delivery others choose to drop off early at our house others bring to the Student Center. Whatever you can do is of a great help to the students.


Episcopal Student Center Fall dates open

Posted 06/22/2019 by Keith Pozzuto of Episcopal Student Center

I just wanted to say thank you for your help in providing a meal for the students at Baylor, by your help you allow 12-18 students to have a home cooked (or purchased) meal. The students are very appreciative. Remembering that these students are often far away from home and your hospitality is a sign of the welcome of the church and that we all are their supporters. Blessings and thank!


Sign up to help the Epsicopal Student Center

Posted 01/12/2019 by Keith Pozzuto of Episcopal Student Center

Hello All, Wanted to invite you to sign up for the Spring Semester of the Episcopal Student Center. We appreciate all the help you have given in the past and look forward to seeing you all this semester as well. Blessings!


Help feed the Students this fall.

Posted 07/21/2018 by Keith Pozzuto of Episcopal Student Center

Wanted to invite you to choose some dates and feed the students! The Students are Coming! The Students are Coming! Please help us by bringing a casserole, a brisket, a pizza, whatever specialty you might want to bring. Thanks! Rev. Keith Pozzuto


Additional dates for the Episcopal Student Center

Posted 01/31/2018 by Keith Pozzuto of Episcopal Student Center

Please look at the calendar and help out where you can. We have some empty dates in the coming weeks. Thanks for all your help.


The Spring Semester dates are available for volunteers

Posted 12/20/2017 by Keith Pozzuto of Episcopal Student Center

Thank you all for bringing food in the fall. We grew from averaging 2 students the first week to around 11 per meal at the end of the semester. If you have any dishes that were left behind i tried to get them back if i knew who they belonged to.. If you are missing a dish call me at 412-559-6866. Thanks again!