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Meal Train for

Lana and Russ Henkel


Meal Train for Russ and Lana Henkel

Posted Feb 1, 2020 by Russell Henkel

Mary Beth has added two more months to the meal train. If you would like to participate, please sign up for a date. All meals are appreciated. Thank you.


Extended meal calendar

Posted Feb 1, 2020 by Mary Martin

Hi everyone— the meal calendar has been extended to continue meals for the Henkel family. You can now sign up for additional dates and share with with your friends!


Lana’s Update

Posted Jan 5, 2020 by Russell Henkel

Lana has stage 4 stomach cancer which can not be operated on. She also has cancer all in her abdomen. The cancer metastasized to the ovary and appendix which were removed. She also had a PET scan which showed a mass in her thyroid which we will find out if it is cancer on Wednesday. We will also find out her chemotherapy schedule on Wednesday. She has an appointment Monday to see if she will get drains put in her stomach. She has good days and bad days. If you would like to visit please call before you come. She may be having a bad day. Thanks for your prayers and meals. They are greatly appreciated.


Lana’s Surgery

Posted Dec 19, 2019 by Russell Henkel

Lana’s surgery went well. The doctors determined that the cancer did not start in the ovaries. It started in the appendix and metastasized into her abdomen and her stomach and ovaries. She will have a endoscopy today or tomorrow to see if there is cancer in the stomach. If there is cancer in the stomach she will probably have chemotherapy in 4-6 weeks in Shelby. Thank you for all your support.


Lana’s Surgery

Posted Dec 17, 2019 by Russell Henkel

She went into surgery at 3:15 pm. She won’t be out of surgery until 6 pm.


Lana’s surgery date moved up

Posted Dec 17, 2019 by Mary Martin

Lana’s surgery has been moved up to tomorrow, December 17. I’ve updated the meal train to include additional dates. Pray for Lana as she undergoes surgery and Russ, Jonathan, and Jeremy as they support her through recovery. Thank you, everyone!