2023 Winter Overflow Shelter UNTIL DECEMEBER 2023

Posted Nov 8, 2021 by Juan Huerta

Salvation Army, in partnership with Heartland Continuum of Care, will be providing meals to those who are currently staying at the temporary shelter until they can be moved to a partner agency. The Overflow Shelter is seeking 70 PRE-BAGGED MEAL options. The shelter will be opening later in the evening then previous years, so a bagged/boxed meal option works best for staff and clients. This may include a sandwich, chips, and dessert. The shelter will be accepting of ANY donation; however, due to staffing vacancies, grab-and-go meals are ideal. Even if meals can’t be put together, the shelter will take boxes of individual snack-size bags of chips; individual fruit cups; individual bagged desserts or snacks; pre-made sandwiches, etc. - and can assemble for the evening. The Overflow Shelter is looking for 70 meals each evening. ***DROP-OFF LOCATION IS: 221 N. 11th street (1st entry to the right on Jefferson) ***Due to staffing levels, the recommended drop off meal time is 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. You may also deliver your donated meals days in advance if that works better for your schedule. There may not be staff available to assist if you arrive later in the evening for delivery. *** Hot meals also need to be packed in individual disposable containers and these meals can be delivered between 6:30 - 7p.m. Please call Harold at (217) 622-9742 or (217) 303-4473 when dropping off the meals. If he cannot be reached please contact our Community Relations Director, Juan Huerta at (217) 414-0679. For any other questions/inquiries or help with sign-up please call (217) 789-2200.