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Lon Bozarth

About this Meal Train

# Lon will be hanging at the beach May 5-12 Lon has been diagnosed with lymphoma and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment in Kyle. We are organizing bi-weekly meal deliveries amongst his friends and family. Ideally, each delivery will include enough food for 3-4 meals - try to make something thats easy to re-heat and/or freeze for later. Healthy food, made with love will go a long way towards keeping him in good spirits. Thank you! FYI - Please don't utilize those options in bottom left corner. PS: if you would like to donate cash to help Lon with meals and other life expenses, that would be amazing as well (he's retired and living off social security at the moment). Please send directly via Venmo (@Lon-Bozarth) or Paypal (

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