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RMHC'S COOKING GUIDELINES LINK : Come to the Ronald McDonald House Morgantown to cook a meal for our families any day of the week and ease their burden of having to be in the kitchen instead of their child’s bedside. Volunteers can choose to provide breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner; are free to make menu decisions, and have the full use of our commercial kitchen. The actual number of people attending the meal varies greatly even though the House is usually full. This is due to a number of factors, none of which are predictable. Not all families will be able to make it to the House in time for your serving, but they will be searching for leftovers when they return. Because of this, no groups are required to serve the meal to our families. We ask the items be set up buffet style so they can help themselves. Rest assured that whether the food is eaten in the kitchen at the time of the meal, carried away, or warmed up for leftovers later on, it will be eaten and is very much appreciated. ****PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING A MEAL **** 1. Please be sure to follow RMHC's meal program guidelines found here: . Meal Train has their own set of guidelines please do NOT follow those. 2. RMHC's Meal Train is not designed to "hold" meals for groups. If/when you click on the "volunteer for this" button, please note that you are signing up for this meal/date. Please be prepared to provide this meal. 3. Once your group has signed up via Meal Train, please reach out to the House Manager at for further instruction in the reservation process. 4. Meal Train can send you/your group reminders of when you are scheduled to volunteer at RMHC. Please check your "spam" or "junk" folders to see if they have been filtered there. 5. Are you interested in signing up to prepare a meal in the next 5 days? Please call the House Manager at 304-322-2073. Please do not use Meal Train to book meals in the very near future (within 5 days). Calling the House Manager with these inquiries can make sure the RMHC families are notified in a timely manner that the meal will be provided. 6. If your group has a menu planned out for your meal, please list it on your Meal Train booking so others know not to make the same thing as your group on that day or the following/previous day. You can log in and add this information at a later date if you are not aware of menu at time of booking. **A warm meal is a great way to lift our families’ spirits. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your time & meal donation.**

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