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The Geoghegan Family

The Geoghegan Family


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About this Meal Train Plus

Hi Everyone, I imagine you have been saddened by the news of Beth's illness as much as her friends and family at LaSalle and desperately want to help Beth, Mark, Jack and James in any way possible. The easiest constructive way to help them is through food and donations. If you are in the area and able, please consider signing up for a day to bring them a meal. This doesn't necessarily have to be a dinner meal and doesn't have to be homemade, it can be anything to keep their fridge, freezer and their bellies full and provide one less thing that they have to plan and coordinate. If you aren't local, but want to donate towards this amazing family, feel free to use the donation button. There's a lot of love out there for the wonderful Geoghegan family and they would be the first to rally around any of us so let's do the same for them.


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