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Joel, Andrea and Gwen Pratt

Joel, Andrea and Gwen Pratt

About this Meal Train

10/8/18 UPDATE from Andrea: Update: Joel is in full swing in chemo. He just finished his second cycle and he is doing well, but tired. We have one more cycle before we begin stem cell transplant and high dose chemo. For this, Joel will be staying close to the hospital for intense treatment. We will be given a grace period during thanksgiving before we resume and move into treatment. We’re very thankful for everyone’s continued support, meals provided to us to ease the burden of cooking, donations that help us continue while Joel is out of work, and most of all the love shown to us from all over the county and beyond that gives us faith for tomorrow. Thank you, The Pratt’s 8/28/18 UPDATE: Joel will be out of work beginning this Friday, August 31st. Please help provide a meal if you can. SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, Sept. 8th the Crandell is sponsoring a showing of Curious George, the movie. Admittance is free, however donations which will benefit the Pratt family are suggested. Joel will be soon undergoing treatment again for a diagnosis he first received last year. To support Joel and Andrea in their fight, we would like to be able to provide meals to ease some of the burden. Meals can be fresh or frozen as they do have a chest freezer. Please avoid spicy foods. Fresh fruits and veggies for smoothies for Joel would also be greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate restaurant or gas cards, or any donations to the family, they can be mailed to Our Community Cares, Inc. PO Box 463 Ghent, NY 12075. Online donations can be made at Please put Pratt family in the memo field. Thank you on behalf of Joel, Andrea and Gwen. ( P.S. Please keep an eye on the Our Community Cares facebook page to follow fundraising activities as they are planned.)

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