Meal Train Plus for

Juliana Kelsall


change in appointment

Posted 07/06/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

My July 19 appointment has been rescheduled to July 16 at 11:00 am. We could go out for lunch afterward if you have time - perhaps Indian, Thai or northwest seafood? Jules


ride requests for July, one June request deleted

Posted 06/19/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

Hi everyone, Hope you're enjoying the nice spring/summer weather! I'm having fun rolling around my new neighborhood. I can even get to some appointments on my own in my wheelchair when sidewalks allow. I've added requests for rides in July to places I can't reach on my own. And I cancelled my request for a ride to TCF on June 30 because I don't do well at outdoor summer services since the weather can get too hot for me. Thanks, Jules


June 24 appointment added

Posted 06/06/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

I've added a June 24 can't-miss appointment. I will need a prescription filled afterward. We could eat at India's Kitchen too! Thanks, Jules


need a pharmacy errand done on Memorial Day weekend

Posted 05/13/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

Sorry for the timing, but Saturday, May 25 is the only day my Percoset prescription can be refilled this month. I need someone to come to my apartment to get my paper prescription, take it to Black Oak Pharmacy, collect the bottle of pills when ready, then deliver it to me. I could meet you at Thai Bistro for lunch afterwards. I can drive myself there in my power wheelchair. Thanks, Jules


need ride to TCF on Sunday May 12 after all

Posted 05/09/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

I ended up cancelling the colonoscopy on Monday May 13, which means I can go to church on Sunday May 12. If you can fit in a ride around any Mother's Day plans you have, please let me know. Thanks! Jules


May 13 appointment added

Posted 05/07/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

As the ride request says, I'm waiting to hear from my doctor about how long to allow for this procedure - a colonoscopy under general anesthesia. (Prayers appreciated.) Bring a good book or a list of errands to do! Thanks, Jules


Seeking rides to TCF for Sundays in May

Posted 05/04/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

I'm in my new apartment (#126) at The Orchards Assisted Living Facility at 1018 Royal Court in Medford. It's off of Royal Avenue, behind Providence Medical Center. Park in the back lot, I'll meet you there at 9:00 am. Bring the van over to a handicapped spot, load me in, and off we go. Thanks! Love, Jules


Path of the Passion ride request added

Posted 04/08/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

The afternoon of Tuesday, April 16 would work best for me. We can adjust the pickup time to 1:00 pm or 3:00 pm if that works better than 2:00 pm. I do need to be back in Medford by 6:00 pm. Thank you, Juliana


new ride dates added for April and May

Posted 03/30/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

I can't believe April is almost here! I am really enjoying the spring weather and flowers. And the van rides too now that we've figured out how to keep me from going off the ramp. Thank you for your prayers and ideas. Most of the rides are on Sunday mornings to TCF. There's one doctor's appointment on April 24. Special event: On April 10, the Cascade Community Pool Lap-a-Thon Awards Potluck. Debbie Conley swam 53 laps, we recruited sponsors together, and we might win the award for most money raised. And there's always good food and fellowship. Thanks, Jules


one ride update, one appointment added

Posted 03/11/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

Sunday, March 17 - I'd really like to stay for the mission presentations after church. Tuesday, March 19 - New appointment added. Please pray "extra" for safety going up and down the wheelchair van ramp. Yesterday a small wheel twisted unexpectedly and that pulled my wheelchair partway off the ramp. Craig (driver) and Dennis Samples (foster home co-owner/manager) were able to help lift and get the chair and me off the ramp. A technician from the wheelchair company checked the wheels last week. Nothing is "catastrophically" wrong, but he's ordering new wheels for replacement. It can take 30-45 days. Thanks, Jules


updated ride requests

Posted 02/26/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

Seeking drivers for my three remaining FSM pain treatments at Quave Clinic by Walmart, Lowe's and Hobby Lobby: Thursday, February 28 Monday, March 4 (Dennis Clasen can't fill in on Monday because he'll be helping at the ever-growing Good News Club meeting in Shady Cove) Wednesday, March 6 And of course, continuing rides to TCF on Sunday mornings. It's so good to be back! Thanks, Jules



Posted 02/07/2019 by Gary & Pat Bradley

Last fall I committed to a 5 week reading program for Hillside Elementary School in Eagle Point. I begin next Monday and will be involved until Friday, March 8. Therefore I will not be able to assist in transporting Juliana. I know that puts an additional burden on those of you who are already involved. Unfortunately my commitment is Monday through Friday. So thank you all for stepping up in my absence. GB


ride request updates

Posted 02/06/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

Thursday, February 14 - Changed appointment from 2:00 pm to 1:40 pm. (That's the earliest they could fit me in.) This allows a bit more time for potential drivers to get me home and then keep your Valentine's Day dinner reservations. (Smile.) Tuesday, February 19 - Added a second appointment. This is a long day, but both appointments are essential and would be difficult to reschedule. Thanks again - you all are amazing! (And not just because of your driving.) Blessings, Jules


Thank you!

Posted 01/30/2019 by Kelly Nokes

Bless all of you for your participation! I sent out a request to another 22 people that live in the general vicinity of Juliana's place. I've had one positive response so far and pray for more relief. Thank you all for what you do! Pastor Kelly


Rescheduled appointment Thursday January 31

Posted 01/30/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

Ack. Sorry for this late addition. It's the only day I can see this doctor between now and February 26. He is my new baclofen pump doctor, and my pump may run out of medication around February 26. Oops. The other complication is that I'm not sure my wheelchair van will be back from the shop -- it's going in Wednesday morning to try to make the driver's seat adjustable again. Prayers as well as a driver appreciated! Thanks, Juliana


Ride requests added for February

Posted 01/25/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

And I still need drivers for Monday, January 28 and Thursday, January 31. Because the FSM treatments at the Quave Clinic are working well, I've begun another series - twice a week for eight more weeks. I know this is a lot to request. PTL for drivers and rides provided so far, and please pray with me for recruiting more. Thank you! Blessings, Jules


Updates to Juliana's Meal Train Calendar

Posted 01/11/2019 by Juliana Kelsall

My FSM treatments are relieving my hip pain and MS fatigue. My doctor is adding more treatments to work on the knee pain. That means volunteer job security for you (smile)! I have added six more appointments in January - all at Quave Clinic on Lear Way (walking distance to Hobby Lobby! Lowe's! Walmart! Office Depot! etc.), all lasting about one hour. People with experience driving me in my wheelchair van should pick me up about 30 minutes before the appointment time. People who are driving for the first or second time should pick me up about 40 minutes before the appointment time. All pickup times are negotiable - drivers are welcome to call me (458-220-8276). If you want to arrive earlier, I need to give a day's notice to my foster home caregivers, who get me up and ready to go. If you are talking to potential new drivers who seem unsure, you might consider inviting them on a ride-along. There's a back seat available. Or training is available on most Sunday mornings after church at TCF - check the calendar to make sure I'm planning to be there. Thanks again for this specialized service! Juliana (Jules)


ride requests added to Juliana's Meal Train calendar

Posted 12/31/2018 by Juliana Kelsall

The additional requests are on January 4 (with apologies for the short notice!), 15, 24 and 28. I'm also still seeking drivers for my appointments on January 7 and 10. Thank you for considering these. It has been wonderful to be back at Trail Christian Fellowship on Sunday mornings! It's also a huge relief to have private rides to medical appointments instead of trying to use public transportation, which can be challenging to schedule. With gratitude, Juliana (Jules)