Meal Train for

St. John XXIII Habitat for Humanity Build


Habitat update

Posted Jul 28, 2022 by Karen Bade

Hello, Once again thank you for the wonderful meals you have provided, and will be providing, to the workers! I have heard nothing but positive comments and gratitude for your efforts to support this build. As you may know it has become more difficult to estimate the number of workers who are on site each day. There have been days when more or less than scheduled are there and even one day this week when none of the scheduled workers showed up. Rod has been doing a fantastic job of trying to keep me updated on the number of workers when our projection is off. In addition, I just discovered a way I can access how many volunteers have signed up for each day. Going forward I will email the person providing the meal a day ahead of time to let them know the number signed up. I will email again by 9:30 am on the day of the meal if I hear there is a discrepancy in the number provided the previous day. However, this is not a guarantee that when you arrive there will be the exact number of workers there. You may also get an email and/or phone call from me in the morning to cancel that day. I apologize in advance for this but it is the reality. A suggestion may be to plan on any leftovers for your dinner that day! One last request- there are many additional workers needed for the last 13 days of the build. If you know of anyone who may be interested in helping, please reach out to them. They can sign up on the Habitat link on the parish website. Please let me know if you have any questions. A huge thank you for all of your delicious meals. You are appreciated! Karen


Dates added

Posted Jun 23, 2022 by Karen Bade

Hello, Thank you for the fantastic job each of you have done providing meals to those working on the Habitat House. I have heard nothing but praise and gratitude for the wonderful lunches you have offered. As predicted the schedule has changed as the build progresses. At this time 6 dates have been added. I’m not sure of the number of workers, but I think we can plan on up to 10 for these dates and if I hear differently I will let those who signed up for dates know as soon as possible. The dates are added to the sign up. I took one so 5 are remaining. If you know of a friend who wanted to sign up, but was unable because we filled up so quickly, can you please pass the word that we have more opportunities? Thank you for all you have done to support this project. Please let me know of any questions. Thanks, Karen


Added dates

Posted Jun 13, 2022 by Karen Bade

Good Morning, I just found out they added 3 days to the schedule this week. The dates are Tuesday-Thursday. If you would like to provide an extra meal on one of these dates please sign up. Thank you!!! Karen


Meal Train update

Posted Jun 1, 2022 by Karen Bade

Good Evening, Father Herb did a fabulous job of blessing the site and the build has begun! I tagged along with Joni today as she shared her delicious lunch with the workers so I could get a better idea of the logistics and share information with you. 1. Arriving around 11:45 will give you time to set up before they break for lunch. There is a white plastic table in the trailer you can use. We placed it on the grassy area behind the trailer. You should be able to pull your car up to the center of the lot to make unloading easier. The ground is uneven so shoes with heels are not recommended! 2. If you want to bring children under 18 with you to help serve, they are not permitted on site until the supervisor declares the site inactive. You may need to wait until work stops to set up. 3. There is a dumpster on site for trash. You may want to bring a trash bag to gather all meal trash and then place the bag in the dumpster. 4. The number of workers varies by job. In addition to St. John XXIII volunteers there are usually 4 workers there from Habitat which sometimes will include Stephanie, the home owner. If you look at your sign up I have noted the total number you will need to provide for on each date. There are 2 dates unassigned at this time. I can’t add the number of workers until those dates are taken. 5. If your date is cancelled or changed, I will let you know as soon as I am notified. Hopefully this won’t happen! Today went very well and the workers are appreciative of the food we are providing. They eat quickly and get back to work! If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Thanks so much for helping to provide lunches! Karen 419 367-0081