IMPORTANT: We are recommending all participants utilize Restaurant or "Contact-Free" delivery when providing support during COVID-19. Learn More
Evanston Area COVID-19 Community Support-- Amita Health St Francis Hospital

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Meals for Amita Health Saint Francis Hospital Medical teams during COVID-19 Evanston, IL Our local Amita Health Saint Francis Hospital Evanston staff are working tirelessly to keep us all safe while we are staying home to keep them safe. Let's give back and help fuel them with meals at this critical time. Let's help keep the morale up! This is also a chance to support our local restaurants and delivery drivers. STAY HOME AND HEALTHY, thus no personal deliveries or home cooked meals please. Please sign up for a for dinner delivery, stating which restaurant you have chosen, or e-gift card you have selected. Time of delivery should be 12-2pm for lunch and 7-8pm for 20-25 PEOPLE (anything will help) and please specify where the delivery will be from and a brief description of what is ordered (see special notes for more info). Make sure to indicate to the restaurant that the delivery must be made directly to the main entrance (Door #1) at the chosen time and place on the cart in the main entrance. They can park right in front OF THE MAIN ENTRANCE. Their number for the hospital is 847-316-6290 if the delivery driver can't find the MAIN ENTRANCE. Organizers will also be available to help communicate, phone numbers are listed below. Medical staff folks are not picky, though vegetarian and kosher is appreciated, whenever possible, we would encourage grab and go and/or individually wrapped and portioned items to best mitigate spread of disease- think sandwiches, pizza, tacos, individual pastas, etc. Sides/drinks/desserts are also welcome! Chocolate! Also, you can consider a GRUB HUB gift card and the department can order for themselves. When ordering, please select an e-card, choose Amita Health St Francis Hospital as a name and the email to list is PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE NOT DELIVERING, this is only for drivers of the commercially prepared food from licensed kitchens. We understand that during this uncertain time this is a substantial financial request so we hope that many people participate to share the cost. Please note when calling to place your order please mention that you are donating your meal as we have found many restaurants are providing some type of discount for your good deed! Grab your friends or block or PTA and sign up for an evening as a group to share the cost burden. You are doing your part by staying home, and this is one small thing we can do as a community to mobilize behind those that must go to work to help our communities! Thank you so much for contributing during this difficult time. Here are the organizer's phone numbers, if any further questions arise: Sara (773) 203-6700 Lisa (847) 736-2440 Suzanne (773) 629-0864 Thanks and be safe!

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