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About one year ago, Steve was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in the bile ducts called cholangiocarcinoma. Steve has gone through multiple types of treatments, including chemo, radiation, and is currently waiting to get into a trial for a new drug. During this battle, many day-to-day tasks and chores have understandably fallen to the wayside, and that is the purpose of this MealTrain. I want to make it so they don't have to think about where to get their next meal or who will mop the floors. My goal with this MealTrain is to provide Steve & Laura with 2 meals/week for the next six months. I am also seeking to raise money to cover weekly lawn care and house cleaning services (check out the GoFundMe linked below to give). Would you pray about joining me in the following three things? 1. Pray regularly for Steve's healing 2. Sign up to bring them a meal or two in the next few months 3. Donate toward lawn care and house cleaning services (go to the GoFundMe site below) If you’d like to donate toward weekly lawn care and house cleaning services, visit this GoFundMe page: Steve and Laura send out regular prayer updates. If you are not receiving them, please sign up by visiting this website: Thank you in advance for supporting my parents in this difficult time. Finally, I know my parents would want you all to know how incredibly grateful they are for you.  They have been blown away by the outpouring of support, prayers, encouragement, and gifts and are deeply grateful. Josh (Steve & Laura's son) UPDATE: I've been asked by many people out of town how they can help with meals. Unfortunately, it looks like there aren't a ton of options for delivery in Kingwood. However, there are a few chains near their house that offer gift cards. If you'd like, you could send them a gift card from one of these places (and I bet some of these probably have the ability to be sent digitally so you don't have to mail it). Carabba's Panera Russo’s Cracker Barrel Texas Roadhouse If there's an option to deliver digitally, send them to Laura at Thanks again for everyone who is so graciously giving and serving my parents!! Josh

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